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NEWSFLASH: The Goo Goo Berry Festival Is Here, New WI Info Center!

Using an Asian Time Zone account, we were able to take a look at tomorrow's newspaper and some users have been catching Goo Goo Berries for hours now! A few of these screenshots were provided by rudy, a user in our forum, who was the first WI user to catch a Goo Goo Berry during this festival! For those of you with regular US Time Zone accounts, this will start Wednesday, at 12:01 am (in other words, tonight!).

I wasn't around in Webkinz World for last year's Festival, so I was surprised at the size of the floating Goo Goo Berries, they are enormous!! They follow the 6-minute rule, that we've told you about during the Pet of the Month Ribbon days and during Fall Festival.  If you've never heard of the strategy, click here for a description and read the bottom half of the article.

[... Read More for Pictures and WI Info Center ...]

Here are some pictures from rudy, showing you the size of the Goo Goo Berry and the message that pops up when you click one.

Here's a picture of what the Goo Goo Berry looks like in your dock.  Also, since it was offered last year, it already fits right in your refrigerator! Catch as many as you can, this is the only way to get the Goo Goo Berries, so they'll become rare after the festival is over!

Webkinz Insider Information Center (New Daily Activity Schedules)
Over the past few weeks, we've introduced the WI Job Center and the WI Shopping Guide for Arte's Curio Shop.  I've just finished my work on a tool that will monitor and display the Webkinz World Daily Activity schedule a few days or more in advance, to complement these other tools.

In order to make it more convenient and accessible for all of you, I've put them all together in one place that I call the "WI Information Center"! I have a few more sections to add to it, but you'll just have to wait and see! You can access it from any WI page by clicking it in the top menu bar, or you can access it directly by going to

Also, you'll be able to access each section individually, just as before, by using the submenus if there's a particular one you want to go to.

Click the "blue question marks" next to the title on any of the sections if you are having trouble understanding the tools.  We hope you enjoy the Information Center and the additions that are soon to come!

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