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EXCLUSIVE: WI Member Wins Quick Draw, New Webkinz Clothes, School Supplies, Purses!

As the final third part to our Exclusive News about new Webkinz products, we have pictures of a Trading Card Binder, Webkinz School Supplies, Webkinz Purses and Webkinz Kinzstyle Clothing.

First, though, we have to congratulate amandaxmeese, a user in our forum, who is the first WI member to win a Quick Draw! Seeing as it is a random 6-digit number, the chances of winning are basically 1 in 1 million, so it really is something to have someone show us pictures of a winning Quick Draw! She won the 6-7 pm Quick Draw for the Simply Chic Towel Rack!

NOTE: I have been notified by Ganz that the chances of winning are much higher than 1 in 1 million, and certain events have better chances of winning than others, so keep "scratching" those Quick Draws! [... Read More for Pictures of New Webkinz Items ...]

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Here are some more exclusive pictures of the other Webkinz products that are being introduced by Ganz.  There's a trading card binder, school supplies, new Webkinz Purses and a ton of new Webkinz clothing.  Again, we're assuming that all of them come with codes of some kind!

We hope you've enjoyed the article on the new pets, the article on the Webkinz figurines and the pictures in this article!


We hope you've enjoyed the "Insider" view of what Ganz is going to be offering soon, and don't forget where you heard the news and saw all of these exclusive images first: Your #1 Source of Webkinz Information, WebkinzInsider.Com!

Ganz has confirmed that all of these new items will include feature codes for Webkinz World.

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