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“Wow,” Arte says, looking across the counter at me, Nanners, and Mr. Chimps, “You brought the whole crew with you today, Merthyn. Well, that’s great because I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to unload.”


“We’ll be glad to help you, Arte,” I say, “but first we wanted to show you this. Ok, guys.”


In unison, and just like we practiced all morning, Nanners and Mr. Chimps unroll a huge scroll of paper between them.


Arte squints. “Is that another list of ideas for Ganz?”


“Nope, this is a petition.”




“Arte, I know how you feel about petitions, but this one is important. Nanners, Mr. Chimps, and I feel very strongly about this issue and we are ready to present our case to Ganz.”


“What case is that, Merthyn?”


“Well, think back, Arte. What was the very first pet of the month?”


“The frog. I had those critters hopping all over here.”


“And then in November?”


“Black bears. And, before you ask, December’s pet of the month is the Chihuahua, and after that we’ll have the lil’ golden retrievers.”


“And what do all those animals have in common?” I ask.


“Besides being pets of the month? I dunno, Merthyn, you tell me.”


I clear my throat. “They are all not monkeys. Not a single one of them. Not now and never have been.”


Nanners and Mr. Chimps shake their heads gravely. (I told you they felt strongly about this.)


“Oh, I see,” Arte says, “So you want the next pet of the month be the monkey?”


“Yes, and we want you to be the first to sign, Arte.”


He frowns. “I don’t know if I can do that, buddy. I mean, I’ve got to treat all my customers fairly. It might be better if I just stayed neutral.”


“But, Arte, think about it. Monkeys are very smart. They are social, curious, and very helpful.” Seeing that Arte’s not going to budge, I add, “And when disappointed, they quickly become depressed.”


Nanners and Mr. Chimps hang their heads sadly.


Looking at them, Arte laughs. “All right, Merthyn, I’ll sign your petition. Just remember, though, that Ganz may decide this stuff way in advance, so their answer may be no.”


“We’re not worried, Arte. We believe in the value of monkeys.”


“Hmm. Well, I believe in the value of getting merchandise off trucks. I’ll keep your petition behind the counter where it’s safe, if you three will start unloading all that stuff. Oh, and don’t forget your list for tomorrow.”


Here it is, folks! (I'll keep you posted on the monkey campaign...)


Sunday, December 2nd:


    * Below Decks Wallpaper ($200) [orig: $200] at 12midnight!

    * Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($408) [orig: $480] at 1am!

    * Hockey Study Desk ($261) [orig: $275] at 6am!

    * Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($450) [orig: $450] at 6am!

    * Hockey Desk Chair ($110) [orig: $100] at 7am!

    * Toy Purse ($47) [orig: $45] at 8am!

    * Funky Table ($287) [orig: $250] at 8am!

    * Hockey Chair ($102) [orig: $120] at 9am!

    * Hockey Dining Table ($385) [orig: $350] at 9am!

    * Toy Purse ($49) [orig: $45] at 10am!

    * Pineapple Lamp ($42) [orig: $45] at 11am!

    * RARE: Knight of the Round Armor ($2300) [orig: $2300] at 12noon!

    * Cat Street Post ($76) [orig: $80] at 12noon!

    * Toy Purse ($38) [orig: $45] at 12noon!

    * Gladiator Helmet ($1380) [orig: $1200] at 1pm!

    * Screwy Lamp ($787) [orig: $685] at 1pm!

    * Helmet Lamp ($93) [orig: $110] at 2pm!

    * Thinking Chair ($1457) [orig: $1325] at 3pm!

    * Kids Cupboard Sink ($160) [orig: $200] at 4pm!

    * Hockey Coffee Table ($315) [orig: $300] at 5pm!

    * Wagon Wheel Table ($212) [orig: $250] at 5pm!

    * Hockey Side Table ($168) [orig: $160] at 7pm!

    * Toy Purse ($49) [orig: $45] at 8pm!

    * Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($427) [orig: $450] at 8pm!

    * Country Cabinet ($405) [orig: $450] at 9pm!


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