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BREAKING NEWS: Surprise Webkinz Coming Out -- The Grey Wolf!!

To all you WI fans and Webkinz fans out there, thank you for bearing with me while I waited for the right images to post this breaking news statement.  After today's update, there have been images and rumors floating around about a new Webkinz that no one knew about: the Webkinz Grey Wolf!

While we didn't doubt the authenticity of these images, we were reluctant to post them, as they appeared to contain some proprietary information that Ganz may have not wanted shown to the public.  An image I was hoping for, along with further proof have just surfaced!! Everyone congratulate Sunshine Shannon, as her Lil' Kinz horse "Shimmer" is best friends with the brand-new Webkinz Grey Wolf!

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Also, if you go to the "Pet is stuck in my room" area of Webkinz.Com, you will find the "Grey Wolf" in the drop down list of pets, as shown below!! Both of these images are full confirmation of the new Webkinz Grey Wolf.

Now, we've heard rumors about how you will be able to get the Grey Wolf, but we have no details and nothing is confirmed, so we'll just have to wait until Ganz announces the news.  In the meantime, we're just excited about the new pet, whose Pet Specific Item is rumored to be a car!

A few other areas were updated this afternoon with the downtime: The Lil Kinz Persian Cat and Lil Kinz Koala were officially added to the in-game catalog, and the harvesting messages were changed.  Thanks to carlythemonkey1 for providing us with this image of her farm-fresh pumpkins!

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