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NEWSFLASH: New POTM, Turtle, Love Frog, Hanukkah Items, Quizzys and Games!

With the downtime in Webkinz World, as is typical on Thursdays now, we have been blessed with updates, new Webkinz Pet of the Month items, new features and some old features coming back!

For all of you out there who have finished all the Quizzy's categories, you've got a whole new section of "Everyone" questions to answer!

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In addition to the front page news in Webkinz World, the "smaller headlines" have changed, as well.  There are 3 new announcements!

Jellybean Challenge Returns
The Jellybean Challenge is returning after a long hiatus! Just guess the number of jellybeans in the jar and, if you get it right, you'll be awarded a jar of jellybeans.  The difference between this new incarnation and the previous was that you used to get a jellybean for guessing incorrectly, but now you get Kinz Cash, so those Jellybeans that people have from before are still very rare!

Crafty Critterz
Kimmy has a new area where you can submit your suggestions for your own craft and you could be famous by having your creation listed on Webkinz.Com!!

Click here to go directly to the submission section on Webkinz.Com.

Make sure to have your parent's permission to send this to Ganz!!!

Dunk the Zingoz!
Dunk the Zingoz has been gone for over a year, keep an eye on Karen's Daily Activity thread to find out when it will be on.  All you have to do is hit the target and, from what we've been lead to believe, you can win a Dunk the Zingoz trophy that can't be achieved any other way!

Hanukkah and Pet of the Month Items
Hanukkah menorahs have returned to the W Shop.  This year, there are three options: Golden Menorah, Shining Silver Menorah and the Colorful Menorah.  All 3 are animated items, where the candles are lit appropriately for Hannukah.  The Golden and Colorful Menorah are the same as last year's offering, but the Shining Silver Menorah is a completely new offering from the W-Shop! Don't forget to pick them up early, just in case they leave the W Shop earlier than you expect in January!

There are two new Pet of the Month Items! The Rocky Shores Lighthouse, which is animated, as well, with a spinning light in your room!

There's also the Dex Dangerous Telescope, which is different than the Scientific Interstellar Telescope, as you can look through this one!!

We're excited about all the changes, especially the new POTM items, they're sure to be a hot item over the next few weeks! Guess I'd better find some more bears for today and tomorrow and some more Chihuahuas for December 1st!!

Finally, they've added the Webkinz Love Frog, Webkinz Pinto Horse and Webkinz Turtle to the in-game catalog.  We've known about these pets for Months (and many members have already gotten their hands on the Webkinz Pinto Horse).  Even though we've known about them, it's exciting to see them in the in-game catalog because it means they will be available very soon for us to activate! As we were all told by the Interview with the Webkinz Creative Director, the Love Frog's pond will be animated with heart-shaped ripples!

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