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Webkinz Rare=Sun, Nov 25=3pm Kings Guard Suit of Armor $1875

"There you are Merthyn, missed you yesterday. I never saw you again after I gave you my list. What happened?"
"Arte it was so much fun yesterday."
"Shopping? Shopping was fun?"
"Arte you just had to be there. It was so cold outside and we were standing in line..."
"How is standing in line outside in the cold fun?"
"You know I love to camp out for items."
"I remember you camping outside my shop for that Clock of the Future that you were convinced would tell you who would win the baseball games. I thought you were wanting that Egyptian lamp and couldn't figure it

"Yeah, that was pretty funny Arte. That camping out was preparing me Black Friday. Everyone stands outside in the cold for those special items. I was talking to some people who set up tent, just so that they were guaranteed that special item."
"Sounds crazy to me Merthyn."
"Well Arte do you know what items everyone was going crazy for?"
"Clothes? I sell clothes Merthyn. Chef hat and shirt, red sports pants,.."
"Stop Arte. People didn't camp out for clothes."
"They didn't?"
"No, they were camping out for those televisions: Plasma televisions Arte."
"Hey Merthyn, I sell plasma televisions."
"It has been awhile though Arte. Nanners and Mr Chimps enjoy mine in my living room. They would like one for their gameroom."
"Okay I get the hint Merthyn. I will call my distibutors and see what I can do."
"Thank you Arte. I'm sure all those people who were not lucky enough to get that television will be very happy and will camp outside your shop."

Sunday, November 25th:
Hockey Study Desk ($275) at 1am!
Hockey Dining Table ($332) [orig: $350] at 1am!
Wooden Coffee Table ($60) [orig: $75] at 2am!
Hockey Bed ($617) [orig: $650] at 2am!
Classic Gaming Room Wallpaper ($247) [orig: $275] at 4am!
Wooden Coffee Table ($75) at 5am!
Hockey Couch ($825) [orig: $750] at 5am!
Hockey Dining Table ($280) [orig: $350] at 5am!
Gladiator Helmet ($1140) [orig: $1200] at 7am!
Hockey Coffee Table ($285) [orig: $300] at 11am!
Wooden Coffee Table ($71) [orig: $75] at 1pm!
Pineapple Lamp ($38) [orig: $45] at 2pm!
Medieval Window ($600) at 2pm!
RARE: Kings Guard Suit of Armor ($1875) at 3pm!
Lime Desk Chair ($127) [orig: $150] at 3pm!
Hockey Dining Table ($385) [orig: $350] at 4pm!
Hockey Wallpaper ($105) [orig: $100] at 4pm!
Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($339) [orig: $295] at 5pm!
Helmet Lamp ($132) [orig: $110] at 6pm!
Hockey Bed ($552) [orig: $650] at 7pm!
Thinking Chair ($1457) [orig: $1325] at 7pm!
Loader Lounger ($902) [orig: $950] at 8pm!
Scoreboard Television ($935) [orig: $850] at 8pm!
Scoreboard Television ($892) [orig: $850] at 10pm!
Medieval Side Table ($866) [orig: $825] at 10pm!
Captains Quarters Flooring ($390) at 11pm!

Last appeared 10-25-2007

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