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NEWSFLASH: Possible New Cheeky Webkinz -- Cheeky Raccoon!

There was some very interesting speculation in our forum on Sunday evening.  One of our users, Homeslorgrunner, was checking the bio on her Webkinz Reindeer Karina and noticed something very odd: Karina is listed as being best friends with a Cheeky Raccoon!!

I also have verified the authenticity of the image, as it was met with some skepticism when it was posted.  While it may turn out to be a glitch in Webkinz World, this image was not altered.

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As you all probably remember, not more than a week ago, in our interview with the Webkinz Creative Director, we were informed that there would be a new Cheeky pet.  This could be the answer to the mystery (and of course, it could also be a glitch)!!

Homeslorgrunner thought that the bio might be similar to being friends with a "White Panda" or "Grey Elephant", etc, as many of our Webkinz pet's bios read.  I did some research of my own and found that George, my Webkinz monkey is friends with a Racoon.

There is a clear difference between George's bio with "Raccoon" and Karina's bio with "Cheeky Raccoon".  Of course, this is all speculation and could mean absolutely nothing and be a "glitch".   For some reason, a distinction was made between George and Karina's best friend, and "Cheeky" could really mean a new Webkinz Cheeky Raccon!

Either way, I found it exciting and newsworthy, I hope you all agree!! Maybe we'll see an announcement of a Webkinz Cheeky Raccoon in the near future!

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