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Webkinz Rare=Sun, Nov 18=9am KT=Elegant Egyptian Vanity $5345

"Hello, Arte's Curio shop,this is Arte, how can I help you?"
"Arte, it's me Merthyn."
"Oh hi Merthyn, howya doin' today?"
"Arte I was wondering if you could lend me a hand for a little bit at my place."
"No problem Merthyn, I will be over in 15."
"Thanks Arte"

"How can I help you Merthyn? Did you cook a little too much popcorn and you want me to eat some with you? Why do you have so much popcorn anyways Merthyn?"
"PLEASE! Don't eat the popcorn Arte, please."
"But why Merthyn

"See it's like this. I was telling Ms Plumpy about how WI reached its 40,000th member yesterday and she thought that was pretty cool."
"But that doesn't explain all this popcorn Merthyn."
"Wait Arte, I'm getting to it."
"Ok, sorry finish."
"So anyways Ms Plumpy wanted to have me do something representing every member on WI. I just so happened to be eating popcorn when I told her about this news and then she told me. She told me that each popcorn would represent each member on WI. Since I am still doing jobs for her to help pay off for those Golden Hippo Fridges, I am now going to string 40,000 pieces of popcorn for that tree in the town square."
"You got a lot of work ahead of you Merthyn."
"No, WE do Arte. Can you help me out?"
"Does she seriously think you can do all this in 1 day?"
"It has to be done by the tree lighting in a little over a week."
"That's good Merthyn, we have some time."
"Supposedly each popcorn represents each member and that is why we have 40,000 pieces of popcorn to string."
"I'll be sure to congratulate Justin on that website of his for great work he must be doing to have so many members. That just means more business for me Merthyn."
Laughing I say, "You are always thinking about Arte."
"Of course Merthyn, more customers equals more money and if member just buys 1 rare from me a day, then place would be a hopping place. Before I forget, here's your list to share with those 40,000 members of his."
"Thanks Arte, you know they appreciate it."

Sunday, November 18th:
Chefs Hat ($92) [orig: $80] at 2am!
Country Bed ($315) [orig: $350] at 4am!
Funky Neon Fro ($380) [orig: $362] at 5am!
Screwy Lamp ($685) at 8am!
RARE: Elegant Egyptian Vanity ($5345) at 9am!
Goalie Mask Shelf ($63) [orig: $75] at 9am!
Hockey Study Desk ($316) [orig: $275] at 10am!
Hockey Dining Table ($350) at 12noon!
Hockey Side Table ($160) at 1pm!
Bee Stripe Pants ($71) [orig: $75] at 2pm!
Captains Quarters Flooring ($409) [orig: $390] at 3pm!
Country Bed ($315) [orig: $350] at 3pm!
Rice Paper Divider ($273) [orig: $390] at 4pm!
Pineapple Lamp ($51) [orig: $45] at 4pm!
Hockey Wallpaper ($105) [orig: $100] at 6pm!
Hockey Study Desk ($275) at 8pm!
Wagon Wheel Table ($262) [orig: $250] at 8pm!
Wooden Coffee Table ($78) [orig: $75] at 10pm!
Hockey Side Table ($184) [orig: $160] at 10pm!

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