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BREAKING NEWS: WebkinzInsider.Com Solves the Employment Office Mystery!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and Webkinz fans everywhere, WebkinzInsider has a huge announcement in store for all of you that you just have to see to believe!! It's a revolutionary new section on WI related to the Employment Office in Webkinz World!!

Before I get to the "big news", I want to remind everyone that Ganz is giving us all another try at the Wheel of the Month! Everyone will be able to spin it today, Saturday, from 10am-11am and Black Bear owners will get an additional spin tomorrow, Sunday, from 10am-11am.  Don't forget!!

[ ...Read more for pictures and the WI Job Center Announcement... ]

drupal_mosgoogle center

I've been told by lora01oh who has an "Asia" time zone account that the Wheel of the Month works this time!! jewelsii from the WebkinzInsider forum took some screenshots of it, shown below!

WI Job Center
Now, the big news!

First, I must start with some history and a sincere "Thank you" for the tireless efforts and dedication of a few members in our forum.

As you all know, approximately two months ago, the Employment Office job behavior was changed from being random every time you entered it, to being on an hourly schedule.  For those that were not aware, Webkinzgram, BERT_X, not2old4this and Whimzykinz have been working on maintaining a prediction list and archive for the Employment Office job behavior.  Their thread has had over 10,000 views and was helpful to many.  I encourage you all to visit their thread and pay them a "thank you" for their efforts, because without their dedication and hard work, this would never have been possible.

About a week ago, Webkinzgram approached me and asked if I could add some functionality to the forum to help make their tracking and prediction thread easier to manage by the team.  There was no way that I could implement such features, but I got very interested in what they were doing.

I spent a few hours looking at the output of the archives of the jobs that appeared in the employment office during each time slot and was intrigued by it.  What further piqued my interest in my analysis was that the European time zone accounts followed the same pattern as the US accounts.  That is, the jobs available at 2pm on the European time zone, would be the exact same jobs for the US time zone at 2pm!

Armed with their data and this information, I spent 2 days working on the math to generate the job listings and figured it out!!!

Yes, the "Employment Office Mystery" has been solved!!

I spent a few more days putting together a nice tool to make it useful by all.  If you have any trouble understanding it, click the blue question mark to bring up a pop-up with some help.  This schedule is 100% accurate, and you can choose to see the list in the way it comes up and try out different days with the left list, or select your favorite job from the right list and see when it will appear on any particular day! (It's easier than it sounds, trust me!)

Again, I want to thank Webkinzgram, BERT_X, not2old4this and Whimzykinz, amongst others for their persistence and meticulous record-keeping.  If it weren't for them, I would never have been able to develop a formula to solve the mystery!

Without further ado, I present you with the "WI Job Center", which can also be reached from the menu bar at the top on any Webkinz Insider page!

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