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BREAKING NEWS: Floating Ribbons in Webkinz World!!

Late last night, Ganz sprung a surprise on everyone and has started putting "floating ribbons" in Webkinz World (shown on the left)!! They are "Pet of the Month ribbons", and are just like the Fall Festival leaves!! When you click on one, you are awarded a "Chocolate Medallion". 

There are 3 important discoveries about the "floating ribbons":
  1. They follow the same pattern as the Fall Festival leaves, which is the 'chance every 6 minutes' rule.  More detailed instructions on the '6 minute rule' are included if you click 'Read More'.
  2. You do not have to have a Pet of the Month to get the medallion! We're not sure if it's a glitch or if it's intentional, but users have reported that everyone sees the medallions and can get the prize!
  3. This is only for today, Thursday, November 15th.  It will not run a week, like Fall Festival.  It will probably come back, but who knows when?

[Read more for strategy and more pictures]

drupal_mosgoogle center

Of course you want to get as many as you can today, because, as far as we can tell it's only for today at this point.  It is likely to come back in the future, but you just never know.  So, here's the strategy, which was developed from the Fall Festival leaf behavior and still holds true for the floating ribbons!!

When you first log in, you must be patient and wait awhile, sometimes over 30 minutes for the first ribbon to appear.  Once it appears and you click on it, note the time.

From then on, you are on a 6 minute time schedule, based on the time you saw your first ribbon.  Now, that doesn't mean that you will see a ribbon every 6 minutes, but it does mean you have a random chance of seeing one every 6 minutes, and only during that time. Whether or not a ribbon appears, you will stay on this 6 minute time schedule. 

Here's an example: You log in at 10:02 am.  You wait some time in your room and see your first ribbon at 10:23 am.  From then on, you have a chance to see one every 6 minutes.  This would mean you have a chance (but not guaranteed) to see one at 10:29, 10:35, 10:41, 10:47, 10:53, 10:59, 11:05, 11:11, 11:17....... and so on, until you log out! Just set a timer to remind you to check your Webkinz World window every 6 minutes and you can do other things while 'waiting'.  Also, a behavior observed with Fall Festival is that 'changing rooms or activities' sometimes resets the 6 minute schedule, so you're best off staying in one area!

Here's a picture of what happens when you click it, and a dock image.  Thanks to WEBKINZONLY from our forum for getting these nice screenshots to me!

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