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BREAKING NEWS: New Pet of the Month Items, Clothes, Virtual & Lil' Kinz Penguin Pics!

More breaking news today comes in the form of a Webkinz World update.  They threw a bunch more at us, and I think the most exciting is the addition of two new Webkinz Pet of the Month items!! They are the "Party Machine" and "Kinzville Cuckoo Clock".  Many users in our forum had noticed the new cuckoo clock over the past couple of days from a picture in the news, and it appears that their speculation was right on the money, a new POTM item!

We also have the new Party Machine pictures, along with a few new Webkinz clothing items in the W Shop and pictures of the virtual Webkinz Penguin and pictures of its PSI and PSF (below is a picture of Flo, next to her brand-new Ice Fishing Hole).  These virtual images have been very hard to come by up to this point! There's also some storage news and a new class at the Kinzville Academy, and a WI user has come up with a Lil' Kinz Penguin, as well!!

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Here's pictures of the Cuckoo clock.  It's animated and Ms. Birdy is the Cuckoo'ing bird!!

The second Pet of the Month item is the Party Machine, which sprays confetti and streamers all over your room!

New clothing in the W Shop
We'd seen some previews of clothing items here and there, but some of these are brand-new and unexpected items.  Our favorites are the hat and the moccasins!

Virtual Penguin Pictures

We had a few people register the Webkinz Penguin yesterday, but ended up with the dreaded "invisible pets" that we've been accustomed to with these "early releases" of certain pets.  Well, with the update, Ganz added the virtual penguin parts to Webkinz World, so we didn't have to wait very long to see them!

Isn't he cute?? Also, here are pictures of the Webkinz Penguin Pet Special Item (PSI) -- Ice Fishing Hole, and the Webkinz Penguin Pet Specific Food (PSF) -- Fishsicle!!! We're sorry we can't get anymore pictures, the account is still kind of locked up and keeps logging me out when I get in! 

UPDATE: The account has been fixed and the PSI has been added.  I can move her around the room and she's adorable.  I tried to get a good screenshot of it, but she waddles from side to side when she walks!

Here's a picture of the "inside" of the PSI.  The Ice Fishing Hole is actually a refrigerator storage item that holds 10 items!!

Finally, here's the PSF in the W Shop

Clubhouse Changes
We've also noticed a change in the Clubhouse that, when you are playing a game or reading a book while in the Clubhouse, a little icon appears over your head, letting people know that they can't chat with you.

Storage Changes
Ganz has fixed the bug with the Pumpkin Soup and Gummy Spiders.  They will now fit in refrigerator storage, so we can all clear some more space in our docks!

Fashion Class @ Kinzville Academy
It seems like every update to Webkinz World gives us a new class at the Kinzville Academy and this time there's a new fashion class.  In this class, a fashion model Webkinz will walk down the fashion runway and you will have to memorize the model's outfit.  Once the Webkinz goes away, you will have to remember all the pieces of the outfit and pick it out!

Lil' Kinz Penguin
We've just received our first report of a Lil' Kinz Penguin, from yummee2!! Congratulations on being the first Webkinz Insider to get their hands on a Lil' Kinz Penguin.  We can only imagine what it looks like in Webkinz World, with the regular-sized Webkinz Penguin looking so cute!!

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