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Webkinz Rare=Thu, Nov 15=6pm KT=Crowns Lineage Coat of Arms

"I wonder what project Arte has for me to work on today." I say to myself as I open my front door and step outside.


"Crunch." I hear. Looking down I see...snow? "Where did this stuff come from? Wow! I forgot Winter was this close". I look down at my t-shirt and Sunset Surfer shorts for a moment and then wisely step back into the house.


Frantically digging through bamboo boxes in the storage room I shout to Nanners, "Do you remember where I packed the jackets?" I pause for a moment to look at my watch. "Oh, no. Now I'm going to be late!"


Nanners runs over to a box against the wall and flips it open. "Aha, there they are. Thank you Nanners." I toss the monkey a bananna. "Hmm, now, what to wear? Pugbeard's Coat? No, too formal. Pink Hoodie? Nanners, did you put this in here?" Nanners laughs. Finally I pull out a replica of Arte's Bomber Jacket. "This will be perfect."


"Ding, ding." The bell over the front door to the Curio Shop rings. Arte starts into his welcome greeting but then stops mid-sentence. "Ah, Merthyn. There you are. I was starting to worry that you couldn't get your Humvee started in this cold weather."


"No, the car's fine. I just had a little trouble getting ready this morning."


Arte looks me up and down and laughts, "I can see that."


Confused I ask, "What are you laughing at? I thought you'd like this jacket."


Continuing to laugh Arte replies, "The jacket's fine Merthyn, but aren't you still a little bit cold?" He points at my legs.


I look down and gasp. In my hurry to find a jacket I totally forgot to change into pants!


"C'mon Merthyn. I've got the list in the back, and, while we're back there, perhaps we can find you something more suitable to wear."


Thursday, November 15th:

Medieval Flooring ($990) [orig: $900] at 1am!

Loader Lounger ($807) [orig: $950] at 9am!

Rockin Pompadour ($856) [orig: $816] at 10am!

Country Cabinet ($427) [orig: $450] at 10am!

Loader Lounger ($1092) [orig: $950] at 12noon!

Hockey Wallpaper ($70) [orig: $100] at 1pm!

Pineapple Lamp ($40) [orig: $45] at 1pm!

Silver Sofa ($440) [orig: $400] at 2pm!

Toy Purse ($42) [orig: $45] at 2pm!

Wooden Chair ($109) [orig: $95] at 3pm!

Hockey Wallpaper ($90) [orig: $100] at 3pm!

Orange Table ($140) at 5pm!

RARE: Crowns Lineage Coat of Arms ($1820) at 6pm!

Medieval Wallpaper ($753) [orig: $685] at 6pm!

Chefs Shirt ($80) [orig: $95] at 7pm!

Thinking Chair ($1325) at 8pm!

Below Decks Wallpaper ($170) [orig: $200] at 10pm!

Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($324) [orig: $295] at 11pm!

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