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"Merthyn you ready?" Arte asks me, encouraging me to hurry up.
"Just a minute Arte. I need to vacuum this room real quick."
"Um Merthyn, ma boy, your house stinks. Only a real friend could tell you that. I know you have monkeys, but this place smells like wet dog. Did you get a dog?"
"No Arte I didn't. I agreed to dog sit Kopi for Justin. That dog sheds! Did you know that dogs shed Arte?" I say, with a wink.
"Umm.." he grins.
"Oh what was I thinking, of course you know, you are a dog. Nothing against you Arte, really."
"None taken. Did it not go so well?"

"As you know Justin doesn't have a swimming pool and let's just say that Kopi found mine. Nanners and Mr Chimps were taking turns playing fetch with her while the other was swimming. The stick slipped out of Mr. Chimps hand and it dropped into the pool. Kopi loves playing fetch, so she jumped right in to get it." I tell him.
"That sounds harmless enough Merthyn. That wouldn't explain this wet dog smell."
"Arte, Kopi realized how much fun it was to go swimming and so everytime we went outside she jumped in! That dog was always wet no matter how many times I dried her off. THEN, she just had to roll in the leaves. It was like she was itching her back." I say, laughing.
Laughing Arte says,"Oh that does feel good Merthyn."
"Very funny Arte, I'm still laughing."
"It really does Merthyn. Guess you have to be a dog to understand that one, but just trust me on this."
"Okay I will Arte. So anyways Justin just came to pick her up. I wanted to vacuum this real quick and open the windows."
"It definately needs to be aired out. I will start opening your windows Merthyn."
"Thanks Arte."

Tuesday, November 13th:
Lime Desk Chair ($172) [orig: $150] at 1am!
Hockey Study Desk ($261) [orig: $275] at 2am!
Hockey Study Desk ($288) [orig: $275] at 3am!
Funky Table ($262) [orig: $250] at 4am!
Hockey Bed ($715) [orig: $650] at 7am!
Medieval Side Table ($907) [orig: $825] at 8am!
Hockey Chair ($120) at 9am!
Silver Sofa ($340) [orig: $400] at 10am!
Chefs Shirt ($104) [orig: $95] at 10am!
Rice Paper Divider ($370) [orig: $390] at 2pm!
RARE: Royal Estate Bed ($7750) at 4pm!
RARE: Thoughtful Think Tank ($2300) at 5pm!
Hockey Coffee Table ($285) [orig: $300] at 6pm!
RARE: Master Grill ($4450) at 7pm!
Chefs Hat ($76) [orig: $80] at 7pm!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($450) at 7pm!
Country Cabinet ($360) [orig: $450] at 10pm!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($180) [orig: $200] at 11pm!
Treasure Chest ($210) [orig: $200] at 11pm!

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