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Webkinz Rare=Sun, Nov 11=1pm Bejeweled Coffee Table $3200=7pm Incubation Chamber $3050

"Arte's Curio Shop, this is Arte, how can I help you?"
"Arte it's Merthyn."
"How ya doing ma boy?"
"Well Arte, I had a small accident and .."
"Are you okay Merthyn?"
"Yes I am fine Arte, but your delivery truck is on its side."
"Yeah Arte, I'm really sorry. It was a black bear's fault. They were driving a yellow hummer and they swerved in front of me to follow a bee. I tried to move out of the way, but I moved too quick and the truck flipped unto its side."
"You say you are fine right

? Not hurt?"
"Yes Arte I am, but."
"I was enroute to Ms. Plumpy's house with her Golden Hippo Fridges when this happened. It's not looking good for her fridges Arte. I think only a couple of her 50 fridges made it. The others others are dented, broke or scratched. She won't be happy Arte. Do you have any extra fridges?"
"I don't have that many extra fridges Merthyn. I didn't order that many this time around. I figured that not many people would be buying them.I hate to tell you this, but Ms Plumpy won't be happy. You know I don't offer a money back guarantee."
"I do Arte. Do you want me to call Ms Plumpy then and explain the situation?"
"Thanks Merthyn and good luck talking to her. You heard how excited she was about those fridges and how she was going to use them for the holiday party food storage."
"I did Arte. I'll talk to you later. I think I will go tell her in person."
"Ok catch you later Merthyn."

Sunday, November 11th:
Wagon Wheel Table ($250) at 12midnight!
Hockey Couch ($787) [orig: $750] at 2am!
Goalie Mask Shelf ($82) [orig: $75] at 2am!
Hockey Couch ($750) at 5am!
Country Bed ($315) [orig: $350] at 6am!
Country Bed ($315) [orig: $350] at 7am!
Medieval Side Table ($742) [orig: $825] at 8am!
Orange Table ($147) [orig: $140] at 8am!
Wooden Chair ($80) [orig: $95] at 10am!
Medieval Window ($420) [orig: $600] at 12noon!
RARE: Bejeweled Coffee Table ($3200) at 1pm!
Below Decks Wallpaper ($200) at 1pm!
Medieval Side Table ($948) [orig: $825] at 2pm!
Captains Quarters Flooring ($409) [orig: $390] at 2pm!
Wooden Coffee Table ($82) [orig: $75] at 3pm!
Lime Desk Chair ($127) [orig: $150] at 4pm!
RARE: Incubation Chamber ($3050) at 7pm!
Loader Lounger ($950) at 7pm!
Country Cabinet ($472) [orig: $450] at 8pm!
Captains Quarters Flooring ($351) [orig: $390] at 8pm!
Wooden Chair ($104) [orig: $95] at 10pm!
Haunted Dungeon Gate ($1800) at 10pm!

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