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Webkinz Rare=Tue, Nov 6=5pm KT - Super-Secure Trapdoor Toybox $1950

"Merthyn, ma boy, can't you drive any faster?" Arte asks me, as we slowly creep down the street, on the way to the Curio Shop from a nice day of golf.
"I am going as fast as the road will let me. Why is traffic so horrible?" I ask, craning my neck out of my window and honking the horn.
"Merthyn, I can't be late for the rare. That would look bad. It would be another glitch or down for maintenance and I would lose money." Arte tells e.
"Well we don't need any glitches Arte, there's enough of them now. I just don't understand why the traffic is so bad. Plus, there's no rares to worry about, so you'

re covered for that!"
"Merthyn, its the begining of the month." he tells me
"And that means? full moon? sale on Hummers?" I ask, wondering what he could be talking about.
"The bears Merthyn. All those black bears coming from the adoption center. It's the Pet of the Month. Watch out for that black bear!" I swerve to miss the ridiculous-looking bear in a bee costume!
"See him Arte, thanks. I don't rememeber the traffic being this bad last month with the frog."
"It was bad, just not on the streets. Down by the Lily Padz, the line was so long it extended out to Hungry Hog. Those frogs couldn't wait to play that game." he says, laughing.
"Glad I missed that one. What is the explanation of all the bears all over then?" I ask him.
"They are looking for the bee ads. They want the bee costumes and going all over Webkinz World looking for them." he says, with a sigh.
"What does a bear want with a bee costume? Halloween is over." I wonder.
"Black bears love honey and looking like a bee will hopefully get them closer to it .No one knows where and when the bee ads will pop up. The bee movie came out and the buzz is all over town. It is driving the bears crazy looking for that honey!"
"Arte don't they know that the Wshop sells honey?" I ask?
"Merthyn, they're new and just following the bees. Once they go to the Wshop for the first time, they'll see the honey then they will stop driving all over town hunting those bees. So until then, traffic will be like this, just have to keep driving carefully, Merthyn. I appreciate you driving me there is no way I could drive in all this traffic." he says, sounding frustrated.
"No problem Arte, just let me know the next time you need a lift, I'd be happy to!"

Tuesday, November 6th:
Hockey Dining Table ($297) [orig: $350] at 12midnight!
Haunted Dungeon Gate ($1980) [orig: $1800] at 2am!
Rice Paper Divider ($390) at 2am!
Hockey Table ($171) [orig: $180] at 5am!
Hockey Bed ($715) [orig: $650] at 6am!
Medieval Window ($720) [orig: $600] at 7am!
Wooden Stool ($61) [orig: $65] at 8am!
Hockey Side Table ($144) [orig: $160] at 1pm!
Screwy Lamp ($753) [orig: $685] at 2pm!
Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($309) [orig: $295] at 2pm!
RARE: Super-Secure Trapdoor Toybox ($1950) at 5pm!
Chefs Hat ($72) [orig: $80] at 6pm!
Gladiator Helmet ($1020) [orig: $1200] at 7pm!
Hockey Wallpaper ($95) [orig: $100] at 7pm!
Below Decks Wallpaper ($210) [orig: $200] at 8pm!
Classic Gaming Room Wallpaper ($233) [orig: $275] at 9pm!
Hockey Locker ($165) [orig: $150] at 10pm!

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