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"Morning Tabby! Where's Arte?" I ask, as I walk into the Curio Shop, noticing the shaggy dog isn't here.
"Oh good morning Merthyn. You don't know?" she asks, a grave look on her face.
"Know what? Is Arte okay? Is he sick?"
"Ummm maybe you should go in the back and see for yourself." she tells me, motioning to the office.
"Thanks Tabby, I will."

"Who is it!?" Arte growls ferociously.
"Arte it's me, Merthyn." I say, a little scared.
"Merthyn, come on in, but shut the door behind you."

; he says, friendlier.
"Arte what's up?" I ask, closing the door after I walk in.
"Merthyn they cancelled my order! I had 25 delivery trucks for the go kart and they cancelled the whole fleet! They said I called!" he shouts.
"Why would they say that? There's no way you'd cancel those!" I exclaim, supporting him.
"I don't know, but I'm going to find out. I have a call in to the supervisor right now."
"I'm sorry Arte. I know how much fun we have test driving them to make sure that they work." I say, thinking back to a few months ago when we did some test driving.
"So Merthyn I hate to do this to you but, I have no rares for tomorrow. I won't make much money without the rare, but nothing I can do about it now. I will offer some items that they can only get here, so hopefully some people will come." he says, sighing.
"Well Arte, lets look on the bright side." I say, trying to cheer him up.
"Bright side? What could possibly be the bright side in this situation?" he asks, in a hopeless tone.
"How about an 8am Tee time?" I ask.
"OH Merthyn, that is the bright side. You really know how to cheer up this ole dog don't you? It's probably the last day we can get some swings in before it gets too cold!" he says, in a much better mood.
"I will ask Tabby if she will cover tomorrow if you want?"
"Can ya do that for me? That'll be great. Here's your short list. See you tomorrow morning, bright and early." he says, as I start to walk out the door.
"Oh, and Merthyn?" he asks.
"Yep, Arte?"
"You better bring your A-game" he says with a wink.

Monday, November 5th:
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($504) [orig: $480] at 1am!
Orange Table ($140) at 2am!
Toy Purse ($47) [orig: $45] at 3am!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480) at 5am!
Treasure Chest ($180) [orig: $200] at 6am!
Pineapple Lamp ($49) [orig: $45] at 7am!
Hockey Side Table ($128) [orig: $160] at 7am!
Loader Lounger ($807) [orig: $950] at 7am!
Hockey Locker ($150) at 7am!
Scoreboard Television ($807) [orig: $850] at 10am!
Wooden Chair ($76) [orig: $95] at 11am!
Wooden Stool ($71) [orig: $65] at 12noon!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($360) [orig: $450] at 12noon!
Queen Maries Periwig ($674) [orig: $793] at 1pm!
Wooden Coffee Table ($71) [orig: $75] at 1pm!
Treasure Chest ($200) at 6pm!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($405) [orig: $450] at 6pm!
Wooden Coffee Table ($86) [orig: $75] at 8pm!
Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($309) [orig: $295] at 9pm!
Medieval Flooring ($990) [orig: $900] at 10pm!
Rice Paper Divider ($370) [orig: $390] at 10pm!

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