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BREAKING NEWS: First Pics of Webkinz Pinto Horse Special Item!!

It's been rumored for some time that the Webkinz Pinto Horse would have a "Wooden Trough Bathtub" as its Pet Specific Item, but no one has seen any pictures of it... until now! Our very own COWS4U was able to get her hands on a Webkinz Pinto Horse by way of a very generous user on our forum

When she registered it this morning, to her surprise, the PSI was awarded to her, and it is indeed the "Wooden Trough Bathtub"!!! Enjoy the very first pictures of the Webkinz Pinto Horse's special item.  COWS4U has told me that it can be placed both indoor and outdoor.

[... More Pictures ...]

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We hope you enjoy the pictures and congratulate COWS4U for being the first known user to receive the Webkinz Pinto Horse's Wooden Trough Tub!!

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