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BREAKING NEWS: Halloween has arrived in Webkinz World!!

The newspaper changed again at midnight in Webkinz World! That must be a record, as it changed from the Grey Horse picture to the Webkinz Brown Arabian picture at about 9pm KT and then to the Halloween page at midnight!

Included in this article:
  • Opening the Halloween Treat Bag
  • Official Ganz statement on removal of Halloween items
  • 5 New Recipes
  • Updated Storage of Items

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Halloween Treat Bag
Ganz surely didn't disappoint with the Halloween gift bag this year, you can see the Panda in the photo wearing the exclusive Frankenkinz Hat! Also included in the treat bag was:Super Mega Toothbusters, Gummy Spiders, and a Pumpkin Pop.

Official Statement from Ganz regarding Halloween items in W Shop
Webkinz Insider has requested an official statement from Ganz in regards to the removal of the Halloween items last night.  Over the past 12 hours, we have had seen great numbers of users very upset and we felt it was our duty to voice our members' concerns directly to our contacts at Ganz.  This statement was sent to us at around 11am KT, and is verbatim:

Yesterday's update was originally planned for Nov. 1. Unfortunately, the
Adoption Centre update done yesterday to provide multiple time zones had
to be in place and ready for Nov. 1. To ensure that everyone had a full
day to receive their Halloween gift today, we did the update yesterday.
As this eliminated one day from the Halloween collection, we left the
four key new objects in the W-Shop for two extra weeks.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we will work
harder to keep our fans informed of these changes in the future.

5 New Recipes in Webkinz World
We've received reports that, along with the new Webkinz Pet of the Month items, new recipes are being handed out with the registrations.  This brings the total of new recipes to 20! We have only received pictures of two of them so far, but here are the names of all five.

  1. Fried Callistorm
  2. Trickle Treacle
  3. Miellabeelado
  4. Chortletorte
  5. Fluffed Snuglapuffin

Come help the users in our forum try to solve all of these new recipes! So far, users have solved 6 of the new secret recipes:
  1. Turretango Twist
  2. Slipnsip
  3. Quendidot Buzzitree
  4. Sacchbingarings
  5. Astormishing Sandwich
  6. Slippamarink Sandwich
Item Storage Fixed
Another part of last night's update includes the ability for users to store the Pumpkin Soup from fall festival.  And for all you Webkinz charm owners, Charm Candy can finally be stored so you can clean out those docks! The new Gummy Spiders won't fit in anything now, but we're sure that on a future update, that will be fixed as well!

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