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NEWSFLASH: Long Downtime in Webkinz World Brings Many Changes!

Well, folks, the long downtime in the middle of the day brought many changes, too many to list in the title!

At this point, here is what we've discovered:
  1. The majority of the Halloween theme has been removed from the W Shop
  2. The picture of the Grey Horse has been changed
  3. There is a new class in the Kinzville Academy
  4. There is new clothing in the W Shop
  5. There are new Pet of the Month Items
  6. Most of the Pinto has been programmed into Webkinz World
  7. New time zone options
Halloween Theme Issues
One of the most worrisome and highly unpopular and unwelcome changes is the removal of most of the Haunted Theme items two days early.  It appears that many people were waiting to buy them on the last day (Halloween) and are upset that they were pulled this evening, October 30th.  Here is how the Haunted theme looks now, each of these items says that they will be available until November 14th:


drupal_mosgoogle center

Oddly, the current "small news" in Webkinz World says that the theme items will be pulled on November 1st, making us wonder, why were they pulled early?

Grey Horse Picture Changed
As you all remember in our previous article, the Brown Arabian horse in the original news article was clearly not a Brown Arabian horse.  It looks like Ganz has changed that Newspaper announcement in Webkinz World and has put the Webkinz Brown Arabian front and center.  You can see the two pictures, side-by-side to compare! We're still hoping for a Webkinz Grey Dapple or Webkinz Grey Appaloosa, but who knows?

New Class at the Kinzville Academy
Ganz has also added a new class, Language, to the Kinzville Academy. Perhaps this new trick will allow our pets to speak, as many have been asking about in the forums.

New Clothes
Paired with the new class in the Kinzville Academy, for those Academy lovers, there are Academy-themed clothes for your Webkinz to wear now! Pictured below are all 8 new articles of clothing: Academy Blazer, Academy Dress, Mary Jane Shoes, Academy Sweater, Kinzville Academy Ball Cap, Kinzville Academy Skirt, Kinzville Academy Slacks, and Penny Loafers.


Pet of the Month News
As you all know, from our article on back in September, the November Pet of the Month is the Webkinz Black Bear.  It appears that, in preparation for the new Pet of the Month, Ganz has created two new Pet of the Month Exclusives! There was much speculation as to whether or not new items would be added and this is our answer! The two new items are a Flying Saucer (UFO) and a Steam-Powered Moving Picture Machine (Television)! From the demonstration, the UFO floats off the ground, like the Magic Carpet Exclusive!

Webkinz Pinto
As we reported previously, nannakatina, from our forum is one of the only people to this point to have received and activated a Webkinz Pinto Horse! It was due to a mis-shipment and nannakatina lucked out! Until today, her pet was invisible and she hadn't received her Pet Specific Item and couldn't buy the Pet Specific Food.  Today's changes have changed most of that: she can now see and play with her Webkinz Pinto and buy the Pet Food!

Time Zone Option
We're not sure on the details, but ebenz315, a user in the Webkinz Insider Forums just alerted us to a new feature that appears to have just been introduced: Time Zones!! We have no idea what it does or how it will work, but it's definitely something different, and they list multiple countries on the list.  Is Webkinz going global?

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