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Webkinz Rare=Monday Oct 29=1pm=Kings Guard Armor $1875=5pm=Ultimate Experiment Station $2875

I walk in to Arte's Curio Shop at lunch time, my stomach growling uncontrollably.  I'll admit it, I'm hungry!

Arte greets me with the "My shop is your shop", as always and I walk up to the counter.

It looks like Arte is taking his first bite of Nuggetdog Megaroni!


I try not to stare while he takes his second bite.

"Mmmm..... That hits the spot!" he says, taking a sip of Cream Soda.

I'm so hungry, I can barely keep myself from grabbing the plate and chowing down on it myself!

I try to make small talk.

"How's business, Arte? Had some good rares lately, are you raking it in?" I ask him.

"Yep, I am I am, Merthyn! With the fall festival, I knew a lot of people would be around Webkinz World, so I put up some good rares to get 'em into my shop!" he says, then takes another bite of the Megaroni.  It's nearly half gone, now.

I can't help it, I make something up.

"Hey Arte, you know how you have the Medieval Dining Chair today?" my stomach growls when I mention the word "dining".


"Well, I can't remember if those have a crest on the back, do they?" I ask him.

"I.. Hmm... That's a good question, Merthyn, I can't remember either.  Let me go grab one and we can take a look!" he says, heading off to the Medieval room.

"Oll wai hee" I say, stuffing my mouth full of his Nuggetdog!

Two minutes later, Arte comes back with the chair.

"No crest, Merthyn, you see on the bac--MERTHYN!" Arte shouts, looking right at me. 

"Did you eat my lunch?" he growls.

"No... Umm... Of course not..." I try to fib without squirming.

"Then why is there a piece of macaroni hanging from your bottom lip?" he asks.

"What? No, I mean.... Oh no!! I'm so sorry Arte!!" I say, wiping the macaroni from my lip, knowing I'd been caught.

"I'm just so hungry, because I haven't had money to buy any food.  I've been too busy catching leaves that I've been too tired to do my job, and I've spent everything I have stocking up on Halloween furniture before it disappears from the W Shop!!" I tell him.

"It's okay, Merthyn.  Ya coulda asked, I woulda given you a whole one!" he says, chuckling.


Monday, October 29th:

Hockey Study Desk ($275) at 12midnight!

Treasure Chest ($180) [orig: $200] at 3am!

Rice Paper Divider ($390) at 5am!

Treasure Chest ($200) at 5am!

Screwy Lamp ($719) [orig: $685] at 7am!

Cat Street Post ($76) [orig: $80] at 10am!

Wagon Wheel Sofa ($287) [orig: $250] at 11am!

RARE: Kings Guard Suit of Armor ($1875) at 1pm!

Funky Chair ($189) [orig: $210] at 1pm!

Cat Street Post ($80) at 1pm!

Classic Gaming Room Wallpaper ($316) [orig: $275] at 2pm!

RARE: Ultimate Experiment Station ($2875) at 5pm!

Pineapple Lamp ($49) [orig: $45] at 9pm!

Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($427) [orig: $450] at 11pm!

Orange Table ($98) [orig: $140] at 11pm!

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