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BREAKING NEWS: Halloween Gifts, Santa Outfits and Webkinz Grey Horse!!

The Webkinz World newspaper changed at midnight and we were given a few new announcements.

Santa outfits are available in-store, so if you're still having trouble getting a highly-sought-after Santa outfit for your Webkinz, you can buy on of the KinzStyle outfits!

As we have already seen with some registrations from our members and reports from all over the US & Canada, the Webkinz Seal, Webkinz Yellow Lab and Webkinz Brown Arabian Horse are out now.

Finally, we'll all be getting Halloween gifts on Halloween!! Don't forget to log in on Halloween day to claim your gift bag which will likely contain exclusive items that you can't get any other way!

We found something very interesting in the main Webkinz newspaper announcement upon looking closer at the pets in the picture.

[... Continued ...]

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Here is a zoomed-in image of the picture in the Webkinz newspaper.

If you notice, the circled pet is clearly not the Brown Arabian Horse. 

It appears to be a Grey Appaloosa Horse or a Dapple Grey Horse!!!

We're not sure if this is Ganz's way of sneaking in a preview of a new Webkinz or not, but it does look like there will be a new horse that hasn't been announced yet!

Some of you might think that it's a Webkinz Pinto Horse, but the Webkinz Pinto Horse is brown, with much fewer spots!! We don't have any other details on this possible new Webkinz, but we're sure excited!

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