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Webkinz Rare=Sat, Oct 27=3pm Golden Hippo Fridge $8425=8pm Regal Banquet Dining Table $3600

I drag myself down the street to Arte's Curio Shop and almost fall over then I push the door open.
As soon as I walk in, Arte greets me cheerfully but cuts himself short.
"Merthyn? You okay? You don't look so good!" He says, concern in his voice and rushes around the corner to catch me.
He takes me over to a Medieval Monarch Sofa and I lay down, so close to falling asleep.
"Merthyn, you look terrible, I don't think I've ever seen you this exhausted before!" he tells me "It's not those leaves again, is it?" he asks.
"Yes..." I groan "The leaves.... It's almost over..."

I think I'm hallucinating because I reach in the air to grab a red leaf that was floating by!
"Merthyn, what are you doing?" Arte asks, looking at me grasping for thin air.
"Oh ummmm.... Nothing... Nothing, I was just ... stretching" I say, embarrassed.
"Why is it so bad today, you've looked tired over the past few days, but nothing like this?" Arte asks me.
"Huh? Wha-I dozed off for a second" I tell him. "Here's what happened"
"You know I've been going leaf crazy like everyone else, right? Just when you say 'OK, no more' one more floats by, tempting you to keep watching.  Watching, watching, ever and always, watching, red, yellow, orange, I'll take any color!" I tell him.
"Yeah, so why so tired today, just wearing you out?" Arte asks.
"I'm sure it is, but I sent SOMEONE to the grocery store yesterday with a list and on the very top was da coffee.  This little monkey came home with a golf cart full of bananas! Not a single coffee bean!" I continue "This was unknown to me last night, so I was drinking coffee to stay up and catch more leaves and, well.... I woke up this morning to open the new bag of coffee and all I found was bananas!! A fridge FULL of bananas!" I tell him, tired, but upset with Nanners still!
"Well, Merthyn, I hate to say it, but you gave a monkey some cash and told him to go shopping, what'd you expect him to come back with?" he says, laughing at my situation.
*YAWN* "I guess you're right, I know better than to do that next time...." I say.
"Yes, so let's get you home" he tells me. He walks behind the counter to the back of the shop and comes back with some fresh-roasted coffee, handing it to me with the list. 
"You need this more than I do." Arte says, "See ya tomorrow, Merthyn.. I called Nanners to come pick you up, you're too tired to drive... Here he is in the golf cart!"

Saturday, November 27th:
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($408) [orig: $480] at 12midnight!
Hockey Wallpaper ($120) [orig: $100] at 1am!
Toy Purse ($27) [orig: $45] at 2am!
Hockey Table ($206) [orig: $180] at 4am!
Below Decks Wallpaper ($190) [orig: $200] at 4am!
Medieval Wallpaper ($616) [orig: $685] at 6am!
Medieval Side Table ($866) [orig: $825] at 7am!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($405) [orig: $450] at 7am!
Chefs Hat ($88) [orig: $80] at 8am!
Hockey Side Table ($160) at 9am!
Hockey Dining Table ($385) [orig: $350] at 11am!
Helmet Lamp ($99) [orig: $110] at 2pm!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($180) [orig: $200] at 2pm!
RARE: Golden Hippo Fridge ($8425) at 3pm!
Hockey Chair ($120) at 3pm!
Wooden Stool ($58) [orig: $65] at 3pm!
Country Bed ($385) [orig: $350] at 3pm!
Thinking Chair ($1325) at 4pm!
Chefs Hat ($76) [orig: $80] at 4pm!
Lime Desk Chair ($157) [orig: $150] at 7pm!
RARE: Regal Banquet Dining Table ($3600) at 8pm!
Silver Sofa ($380) [orig: $400] at 9pm!
Medieval Side Table ($742) [orig: $825] at 11pm!

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