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Webkinz Rare = October 26th 3pm KT = Ras Golden Bureau $7480

I think I will do my charm forest while I have some time real quick before I head to Arte's place. 
I really hope I get some charm candy. 
I want to hand it out at Halloween this year. 
I can't hand out my Scary Berry Crunch again this year. 
I think I will to that spooky looking forest today. 
Hmm.. which Fairy? Big? Small? 
All these eyes looking at me, I am getting nervous. I 'd better hurry up and pick.
That one! I pick that BIG one.
A key! I got a key YES! I knew I felt lucky and 5 pixie pods!
[POOF] Sap Glop
[POOF] Sap Glop

[POOF] Fizzletwist Pop
[POOF] Sap Glop
Come on Charm candy
[POOF] Sap Glop ... AGAIN!?
UGH! I've never had so much Sap Glop before.
Why? OH LEAVES! Leaves are falling. I need to catch them. I can get that one right there..
O man, I fell in the Charm Forest floor and all those leaves are sticking to me. 
I can't get them off. 
Why? Ugh.. the Sap Glop! 
It's making everything stick to me. 
I can't be late for Arte, he's expecting me, I race to the Curio Shop.

"Hiya Arte" I say, walking in.
"What did the wind blow in?" he inquires?
"Arte, it's me Merthyn." I say.
"Where are you Merthyn?"
"Right here in front of you" I say, standing right in front of him.
"Merthyn?" Arte asks, looking me up and down.
"Yes Arte, it's me."
"What are you doing? Are you trying out your Halloween costume? What are you, a tree?" he asks, chuckling?
"Arte, I got lots of Sap Glop in the Charm Forest then I was trying to catch the leaves that were falling and then I tripped and fell on the floor of the Charm Forest and then I couldn't get if off of me and I knew I couldn't be late and me looking like this is the result of all that." I say, while Arte laughs uncontrollably.
He stops laughing for a minute and says "Catch your breath Merthyn, looks like you need to call it a day. I can't use your help with this Egyptian wallpaper. It would stick to you."
"Are you sure Arte? I could sweep the floor or something?"
"I'm pretty sure, Merthyn, the dirt will stick to you too. I will just send the list through kinzpost for you then."
"Alright then Arte, I will be like a tree and leave. See you tomorrow" I say, laughing at my own joke.

Friday, October 26th:
Hockey Study Desk ($316) [orig: $275] at 2am!
Hockey Table ($180) at 5am!
Hockey Couch ($825) [orig: $750] at 7am!
Hockey Flooring ($99) [orig: $90] at 10am!
Helmet Lamp ($121) [orig: $110] at 11am!
Below Decks Wallpaper ($200) at 12noon!
Cat Street Post ($80) at 12noon!
RARE: Ras Golden Bureau ($7480) at 3pm!
Hockey Locker ($127) [orig: $150] at 3pm!
Hockey Couch ($525) [orig: $750] at 5pm!
Hockey Desk Chair ($110) [orig: $100] at 6pm!
Country Bed ($244) [orig: $350] at 7pm!
Funky Table ($262) [orig: $250] at 10pm!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($517) [orig: $450] at 11pm!
Hockey Chair ($132) [orig: $120] at 11pm!

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