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Webkinz Rare = Oct 25th = 11am KT = Kings Throne $5875

"Merthyn, what is wrong?" Arte asks, as I walk through the door to the Curio Shop.

"I didn't pass my flooring assistant job." I tell him, yawning.

"What happened? You're a professional floor layer."

"I know Arte, but I'm so tired. I dropped some of the tiles. I couldn't set the tiles

in the proper place. I kept yawning and then the next thing I knew time was up. Tabby was counting on me to lay those floors for her customers too." I say, with another yawn.

"I think Tabby would understand. Did you tell her why you were tired?" he asks me.

"Nope!" I say.

"Why not, Merthyn?"

"Well it seems that I fell asleep." I tell him.

"You fell asleep!?" he exclaims.

"Yes Arte I did. Tabby woke me up, I was curled up on one of the "all blue" tiles, fast asleep." I explain.

"Oh my Merthyn. How do you fall asleep doing your job?" he asks me.

"Arte it's the Fall Festival; I can't sleep. I am afraid that I will miss a leaf." I tell him.

"Merthyn, ma boy, you need to sleep. The Festival is going on all week. You can catch some leaves later in the week too, ya know?" encouraging me to get some rest.

"See that's just it Arte. I don't want to miss the prizes. I want to get the toque and the sweater for both Mr Chimps and Nanners." I continue "And to add insult to injury, some of the leaves from Webkinz World have floated into Webkinz Insider! I saw one late last night, but was way too slow to get a prize.  Mom2nhemi was lightning quick!" I say, excitedly.

"Really? They floated out of Webkinz World?" Arte asks, puzzled.

"So it seems! It looked just like the ones I've been seeing for the past few days and it had a message when you clicked on it!!" I tell him.

"Well, Merthyn you are no good to me all tired. I will watch for falling leaves for you if you get some sleep."

"You would do that for me Arte?" I ask him.

"Yes I would Merthyn."

"Can I ask a small favor then Arte?"

"Sure what is it?"

"Can I take a small nap on the Bed of the Pharoah?"

"Sure Merthyn, for you I will allow it."

"Thanks Arte. Is the bed in the last room on the left?"

"Sure is Merthyn. Sleep tight don't let the bed of leaves bite."


Thursday, October 25th:

Medieval Flooring ($945) [orig: $900] at 1am!

Medieval Window ($660) [orig: $600] at 2am!

Kids Cupboard Sink ($220) [orig: $200] at 4am!

Scoreboard Television ($807) [orig: $850] at 4am!

Helmet Lamp ($93) [orig: $110] at 5am!

Medieval Wallpaper ($411) [orig: $685] at 5am!

Wagon Wheel Table ($225) [orig: $250] at 6am!

Thinking Chair ($1523) [orig: $1325] at 6am!

Silver Sofa ($440) [orig: $400] at 6am!

Below Decks Wallpaper ($180) [orig: $200] at 7am!

Country Cabinet ($427) [orig: $450] at 10am!

RARE: Kings Throne ($5875) at 11am!

Lime Desk Chair ($142) [orig: $150] at 12noon!

Below Decks Wallpaper ($220) [orig: $200] at 2pm!

Country Bed ($350) at 4pm!

Wagon Wheel Table ($262) [orig: $250] at 5pm!

Kids Cupboard Sink ($170) [orig: $200] at 5pm!

Medieval Wallpaper ($685) at 6pm!

Funky Chair ($178) [orig: $210] at 7pm!

Apple Chair ($140) at 7pm!

Medieval Side Table ($701) [orig: $825] at 8pm!

Funky Table ($237) [orig: $250] at 8pm!

Loader Lounger ($997) [orig: $950] at 9pm!

Funky Table ($237) [orig: $250] at 9pm!

Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($576) [orig: $480] at 11pm!

Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($382) [orig: $450] at 11pm!

Hockey Side Table ($176) [orig: $160] at 11pm!

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