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"Merthyn look at you! What happened?" Arte exclaims as soon as I open the door to the Curio Shop.
"UGH Arte, it has been one long day..." I manage to tell him.
"I have time for you Merthyn. Pull up a Loader Lounger and I will grab us a couple of colas." Arte says, motioning to the chair on the right side of his shop.
"NO colas! Please Arte." I say.
"Um ok, water?" he asks me, puzzled by my response.
"Water will be fine, thanks." I say, settling in to the Lounger.

"Here you go Merthyn, your water." Arte says as he walks toward me from the back

of the shop.
"Sorry I snapped at you, but you will understand about the cola here shortly." I tell him.
"It's okay, now tell me why you look like you do." Arte says, sitting down in a nearby Majestic Throne.
"Well, Mr Chimps and Nanners decided to welcome me home from work yesterday by getting into things." I explain.
"Monkeys do that Merthyn." Arte says.
"Oh just wait and listen Arte."
"I won't say another word. Please continue friend." Arte takes a drink.
"So this morning, Mr Chimps grabbed some cola and ginger ale and met Nanners outside. Nanners got into my Master Grill and they two of them used my cooler to mix the charcoal, cola and ginger ale. They then decided to paint my patio furniture with this mixture. Oh did I mention paint? Yeah, they found my blue paint that I just bought from the W Shop for my redecorating project. I had blue paint on my refrigerator, the walls and floors."
"You wanted blue walls right Merthyn?" Arte says, chuckling a bit.
"Not in my kitchen Arte! Then, they found the pencil shavings and scattered them throughout my room and the kitchen."
"They liked the kitchen, did they?" Arte asks?
"Ugh. That kitchen. They dumped their Corn Flakes all over the floor this morning and I cleaned it up. A few hours later, they got into more cereal and dumped the entire box on the floor. They were eating it off the floor like animals!" I shout.
Laughing, Arte says, "Well they are monkeys Merthyn."
"Yes I know, but we eat at a table Arte, and they know that. So after the charcoal episode, they got a bath cause they were dirty and sticky. Lunch was some quick hot dogs and they wanted a nap. I didn't object. I had an hour of rest and it was awesome."
"That is good, quiet is good."
"Then they woke up and wanted to swim. I thought that was a great idea to wear them down, but since the pool only holds one, the other one was jumping on the trampoline. "
"Did it work? Did it tire them out?" he asks?
"Well, with Autumn here, the water was chilly and they got cold so we headed in and had fire and water sandwiches for dinner. What was I thinking?" I groan.
"What is so bad about that?"
"Well, after dinner, they dumped my shampoo that I just bought and dumped it into their food! Then they got some candy, marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies and went into the game room. They were jumping all over the furniture, smashing the marshmallows into the furniture and the floor. Candy was thrown all about and cookie crumbs were EVERYWHERE! "
"Everywhere?" Arte asks?
"Everywhere Arte. I have never seen a bigger mess before."
"Not even the patio furniture mess they did?"
"Well, before today anyways."
"Merthyn where are they now? " Arte asks me.
"I gave them to Tabby so that people can babysit them. I do like that job; not me doing it, but the fact that I can just drop them off."
"Man Merthyn, you have had a tough day, I will talk to Tabby and see if she can keep them all day tomorrow for you, you need a break."
"Thanks Arte. It is almost time for me to pick them up and put them to bed. Thanks for listening. I just had to tell someone. "
"I am here for you anytime you need me Merthyn, you know that."
"Thanks Arte, after a day like today, that means a lot."

Wednesday, October 24th:
Hockey Flooring ($85) [orig: $90] at 1am!
Medieval Flooring ($765) [orig: $900] at 2am!
Thinking Chair ($1258) [orig: $1325] at 6am!
Apple Chair ($119) [orig: $140] at 7am!
Funky Chair ($241) [orig: $210] at 8am!
Wooden Coffee Table ($75) at 8am!
Apple Chair ($147) [orig: $140] at 8am!
Hockey Dining Table ($350) at 9am!
Medieval Window ($540) [orig: $600] at 9am!
Pineapple Lamp ($47) [orig: $45] at 10am!
Lime Desk Chair ($142) [orig: $150] at 1pm!
Hockey Wallpaper ($95) [orig: $100] at 2pm!
Pineapple Lamp ($45) at 2pm!
RARE: Golf Cart ($2000) at 3pm!
RARE: Majestic Throne ($10095) at 5pm!
Hockey Side Table ($184) [orig: $160] at 5pm!
Hockey Desk Chair ($85) [orig: $100] at 5pm!
Loader Lounger ($997) [orig: $950] at 7pm!
Treasure Chest ($220) [orig: $200] at 8pm!
Silver Sofa ($440) [orig: $400] at 8pm!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($495) [orig: $450] at 9pm!

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