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NEWSFLASH: Webkinz Fall Festival Leaf Pattern Emerges (Poem Added!)

A user in our forum, bearbowler, reported a strategy for the Webkinz Fall Festival leaves! We've all been working hard and watching very carefully for the leaves for the past few days and a pattern has finally emerged!

When you first log in, you must be patient and wait awhile, sometimes over 30 minutes for the first leaf to appear.  Once it appears and you click on it, note the time.

From then on, you are on a 6 minute time schedule, based on the time you saw your first leaf.  Now, that doesn't mean that you will see a leaf every 6 minutes, but it does mean you have a random chance of seeing one every 6 minutes, and only during that time. Whether or not a leaf appears, you will stay on this 6 minute time schedule.

I have been verifying this strategy over the past hour, since I saw my first leaf and here are my results (BOLD means I saw a leaf): 11:25, 11:31, 11:37, 11:43, 11:49, 11:55, 12:01, 12:07, 12:13, 12:19, 12:25, 12:31, 12:37

These leaves are following the 6 minute schedule as reported, so I've set a timer to go off every 5 minutes and 45 seconds, telling me to look at my Webkinz World window! :)

Hope this helps everyone out there get some of the great Webkinz Fall Festival items by having a better chance finding those pesky leaves!! GOOD LUCK!

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Here is a poem written about Fall Festival by one of our forum users, danathornberg, titled 'Twas the Night of Fall Harvest!

OK, not as *long* as the original "Night Before Christmas" but here's my best take on the Fall Harvest Fest......(I know-I have *way* too much time on my hands!) Here goes.....

Twas the Night of Fall Harvest and on my laptop
not a thing to be found-not even sap glop.
My fingers were ready as I waited in fear
afraid that a leaf might never appear.
The family all sleeping, yes, they're all in bed
while visions of leaves dance around in my head.
And I with my laptop placed right on my lap
hoping tomorrow I might catch a nap.
When there on my screen, a leaf now in vision
I grab the remote-that's enough television!
I see it float down, I keep my hand steady
my first floating leaf, it's time to get ready!
A click on the screen as I wait now to see
what wonderful prize shall be there for me
As my red bleary eyes struggle to see
I realize I didn't receive an elm tree!
A fall harvest sweater right there in my dock
I wait with more hope as I check the Kinz clock
Slower than turtles I wait with a sigh
In hopes of another fall leaf to fly by
A wheat sheaf, an elm tree, just bring to me please
another fruit hat-I've got plenty of these!
At the top of the screen it floats next to my wall
now click away, click away, click away all!
The leaves that before seemed to be so abundant
send more torques my way that seem so redundant.
Yet another comes by, I watch it float down
a sweater again! In these I might drown!
As I wonder if ever I shall get a sheaf
The screen flickers, I see yet another red leaf!
I clicked just in time and I waited to see
it's here, yes, I got it! The elusive elm tree!!!
I looked in my dock, what a beautiful sight!
A beatuful tree, what a good find tonight!
With leaves so splendid and color to spare
I guess I will put it...wait.....where?
Shall I make a new room-do I trade, do I keep?
How do should I wait, will I ever get sleep?
I've got enoughh sweaters to cover my walls
I've got an abundance of these corn husk dolls.
I guess I will keep it and tuck it away
I have to get sleep-time to call it a day!
There's always tomorrow-there's plenty of time
But I'm keeping that elm tree-By Golly, it's mine!
As I sign off tonight, I look up and I see
a leaf that I missed-better not be a tree!!!


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