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BREAKING NEWS: More Halloween Items, Webkinz Reindeer in Webkinz World!

Well, after posting the article on the new mail system, we took a look in the W Shop and noticed that Ganz has released the rest of the Halloween theme! Many users were wondering why the flooring and wallpaper hadn't been released yet, and it was worth the wait.  This year's flooring and wallpaper is different than the 05/06 Halloween theme! Even more exciting, the flooring is animated, with red eyes that randomly appear in cracks of the floor!

What is probably the most exciting additions to the theme are the Haunted Dungeon Gate and the Frightening Lightning Window! In Halloween 05, we saw the Monster's Lair Gate, which didn't return in Halloween of 06 and appears that it won't come back this year, either! The Haunted Dungeon Gate and Frightening Lightning Window are both animated, as well.  The Gate shows flashing red eyes, while the Window has flashing lightning and trees swaying outside in the wind!!

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drupal_mosgoogle center

Nearly all of the old costumes have come back (except the cat)!! So, if you have a Bee Costume already, you can also now dress your Webkinz up for Halloween with similar 4 piece costumes: the Hippo, the Lion and the Elephant!

Here's some pictures of the flooring and walls for sale in the W Shop:

Food Items
Licorice bats and Pumpkin Pops have returned to the W Shop, as well! Stock up, as these are seasonal food items, as well!

Webkinz Reindeer
As all of you Insiders have known for quite some time, the Webkinz Reindeer has been released.  The first activation that we'd seen was detailed in this article over 2 weeks ago.  Ganz has just added it to the "Pets & Stuff" area of the site, so it's official now!

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