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BREAKING NEWS: New Mail, New Kinzville Academy Class & Fall Festival!

Today's morning/afternoon downtime brought a significant change to Webkinz World today: a new mailbox in your dock.  You no longer have to go to your room and look for the letter to appear in the lower left; the icon in your dock will let you know when your Webkinz friends have sent you mail, can be accessed anywhere in Webkinz World and will keep an archive of the last 10 letters and packages that you've received!

The staff has received numerous inquiries about the upcoming Webkinz Fall Festival and what activities or prizes may be included.

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Fall Festival
Based on information we've gathered from other users and through our own research, we had come up with a theory on what Fall Festival will be.  Webkinz World has never celebrated a fall festival before, so details were very scarce, but suffice it to say, Webkinz Insider members were right on the money in their guesses!

Webkinz Fall Festival will be like Webkinz Winterfest in years past.  What this means is that, anytime, anywhere in Webkinz World, different fall-colored leaves will randomly appear and blow across your screen.  If you're quick and able to click on these leaves before they disappear, you will get exclusive items that can't be purchased anywhere! We all know that your clicking fingers are tired from getting bee costumes, but take a break for the next few days and hopefully all the practice will have paid off!

Kinzville Academy
There's a brand-new Track and Field class at the Webkinz Kinzville Academy! In this class, your Webkinz pet runs down a track and you must make your Webkinz jump over the hurdles in their way.  You get three attempts to pass by jumping every hurdle.  If you miss a hurdle, you must go back to the beginning.

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