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"Ding-ding." The familiar bell over the door rings as I enter the shop. "Hey there Arte, have you been having a good day?"


Arte gives me a smile so wide I almost think he is going to growl at me. "It has been a fantastic day. Everyone around here seems to be in such a good mood lately." He gives a familiar look at his register. "Good moods mean good business for me." He chuckles to himself.

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"That's great to hear. I like it when you're in a good mood too." I drop my backpack down on the counter and there is a loud 'thump' as something falls out onto the floor.


Arte leans down to pick up the object and stands back up holding a rather large book. Opening the dust jacket he reads aloud "The Witch of Merthyn. A tale of smuggling in the time of scarlet capes and the red tricorne." He shoots me a look. "Merthyn, what is this all about? You didn't tell me you were famous!"


Now it's my turn to laugh, "Famous? Me? No. I'm not famous. Well, outside of the would of Webkinz anyway. That's just one of my books. I liked the name in the title so much that I chose it for my Webkinz name." I take the book back from Arte and wipe some dirt off of the cover.


Arte appears to be confused. "You mean Merthyn isn't your real name?" He finally asks.


"No, of course not. Merthyn is just a name I use online. It's my Webkinz identity." Arte still looks confused. "Certainly you knew that the names people use when they're here aren't their real names from home, didn't you?"


"Yeah, I guess." He says slowly. "It's just tough for me to think of you going by any other name."


"Ha, I suppose that makes sense. It's tough for me to think of you being anything but 'Arte'. I don't suppose I could get used to calling you 'Henry Junior'." I laugh as I remember meeting Arte's father in June.


Arte's smile seems to have disappeared. "I thought you promised you were never going to call me that." He actually growls.


"Okay, okay. I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist." I wipe the tears out of my eyes. "What is it you need me to do today?"


Arte stares at me for a moment and then responds, "Everything is set up for you in the back." I start grab my bag to head into the back room. "Hold up there, leave the book. I want to check it out."


Thurday, October 18th:

Loader Lounger ($1092) [orig: $950] at 12midnight!

Wagon Wheel Table ($275) [orig: $250] at 1am!

Thinking Chair ($1391) [orig: $1325] at 2am!

Hockey Study Desk ($275) at 3am!

Medieval Window ($570) [orig: $600] at 7am!

Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480) at 8am!

Cat Street Post ($72) [orig: $80] at 10am!

Screwy Lamp ($753) [orig: $685] at 12noon!

Hockey Side Table ($136) [orig: $160] at 1pm!

Orange Table ($126) [orig: $140] at 2pm!

Apple Chair ($119) [orig: $140] at 2pm!

Queen Maries Periwig ($555) [orig: $793] at 2pm!

Captains Quarters Flooring ($234) [orig: $390] at 3pm!

Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($360) [orig: $450] at 3pm!

RARE: Clock of the Future ($1850) at 4pm!

Medieval Flooring ($900) at 4pm!

Hockey Study Desk ($261) [orig: $275] at 5pm!

Wagon Wheel Table ($200) [orig: $250] at 10pm!

Wagon Wheel Sofa ($237) [orig: $250] at 10pm!

Hockey Locker ($105) [orig: $150] at 10pm!

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