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BREAKING NEWS: Third-Party Webkinz World Ads and Free Bee Costume!!

As some of you may recall, we reported the possibility of third-party advertisements and free items along with them about a month ago.  This morning's update has brought us our first third-party advertiser, and free items along with it!! Thanks to Garrett & Flameboy for the PMs, hydro1112 for the e-mail and lolo7777777 for pictures in the forum.

The ad is for "Bee Movie" and there appears to be 3 different ads for it.  Users reported the facelift of the honey in the W Shop and this appears to be the reason for it! There are two "white background" ads and one "black background" ad.  The black ad does not yield any free items, but the other two white ads, shown below, yield a free bee costume and free honey!

UPDATE -- 11 AM Kinz Time, Sunday, October 14th, the ads have become extremely rare and the costumes and honey seem to have nearly disappeared.  Your chances of getting them now are very low.[...More pictures...]

drupal_mosgoogle center

When you click either the free costume ad or the free honey ad, the following windows will pop up.

Clicking the ad does not bring you directly to the third-party advertisers' site, it only pops up the window.  You have to go there manually if you would like to see it.  We think this is a very responsible policy taken by Ganz! Once clicked, the items will appear in your dock.

This picture shows lolo7777777 dressing her Webkinz Pet of the Month, Frogtober and FlameBoy's Dalmatian wearing the costume!

Here's a poem about the bee ads from a user in our forum, Monalisa:

From the stylings of Monalisa, comes to you, Bee Costume.
Twas the night before Monday and all thru the house,

Not a creature was stirring just the click of the mouse.

The bees were hung on the ads very rare
while "oo la la" body spritz got in my hair.

One ad for a job so we could earn lots of money,
but next thing you know I got a jar of bee honey.

Wouldn't ya know my heart filled with gloom,
cuz all i really wanted was one bee costume.

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