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NEWSFLASH: Webkinz Updates - New Game, More Atlantis, Pet of the Month Answers!!!

Webkinz World was down for a couple of hours this afternoon and, when it came back up, we noticed a few changes!! We've also put a call in to Ganz to find out which pets qualify for the Pet of the Month. The Webkinz Frog and trading card Frogs will count, but the Lil' Kinz Frog will not count!


The front page of the Webkinz News when you log in is the announcement of a brand-new game in the arcade, Home Before Dark!!!

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Posted by: Michigan 829
Hi. Just wanted to share this with you. I start at the end (preferably with the Party house) and work my way to the beginning. Seems to be a little easier that way (at least for me)!!! Hope this helps. Happy Gaming!!webkinz cheats

I also just figured something else, out!! Try to connect as many doors at the end to one pathway and that's how many webkinz will go home at once!!




drupal_mosgoogle center


This game consists of a bunch of tiles that rotate. What you're supposed to do is line them all up so your Webkinz can run along the path and make it to one of the houses. We're not sure on the scoring details, but the game tells you that you earn 1 Kinz Cash for every 40 points in the game. We just need Hamlet to analyze the game and produce one of his amazing guides on how to play it!


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We also found, when searching the W Shop after the update, that additional items from the Atlantis theme have appeared for sale. So, for those of you that bought the first part, head in and complete the theme!! The added items we noticed were:

  • Sea TV (My favorite!!)
  • Sunken Treasures Toybox
  • Trident Turbine Table
  • Oceans Deep Dresser
  • Coral Couch
  • Finfan Lamp

Finally, the Pet of the Month Information. Plumpy's column reads:

The Pet of the Month is a pet that we decide to feature during a specific month. If you adopt the featured pet during their special month, you'll get some amazing prizes. You'll get a W Shop coupon, some KinzCash (anywhere between 500 and 1000 KinzCash), a yummy recipe food, and a Pet of the Month exclusive item. WOW! To see what kind of special items you can get, check the W Shop's Pet of the Month Exclusive section.

Remember: in order to get this special stuff, you have to adopt the Pet of the Month during their special month!


This tells us what's in the goodie bag, but no one is sure whether or not you will be able to choose the exclusive, or if it will be random. We have made the assumption that this will be like other exclusives and will be random, but no one will know for sure until October 1st.

We've also put a call in to Ganz and have confirmed that the Webkinz Frog and the Trading Card Frog codes will both work for Pet of the Month, but Lil' Kinz Frogs will NOT count.

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