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Smaller Webkinz Spotted Frog Discovered by Webkinz Insider Member!

Hello Everyone!


Last week I received a spotted frog that I had purchased from one of our vendors and noticed that it was MUCH, MUCH smaller than the original spotted frog I had purchased in May. I thought that I had been accidently sent a lil' kinz until I noticed that there is NO lil' kinz spotted frog! I was concerned since this one was a gift and so I put a post out on WI to see if anyone here had the same problem. Everyone was so helpful and suggested that I contact Ganz - and so I did!


Ganz is SO GREAT!!! They immediately contacted me and asked me all kinds of questions about the frogs because they are very interested in quality control. I sent them a picture and I think I even talked to one of the head men at quality control! By the way, they checked the code and found it to be a real one. I heard from Sharon in Canada today (who is totally delightful!), and she is sending me a new spotted frog! She told me I could keep the little one . . . and now, LOL, Justin says I must have a OOAK (One of A Kind)!


[...Continued (Picture)...]


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I just wanted you all to know (if you don't know already!) that Ganz cares!!! I was so impressed that they contacted me so quickly and were so concerned about the problems of one of the "little guys"!


I also want to thank Justin for caring too! It's so wonderful to know that we are ALL important to each other here!

Here is a picture of my two frogs! FUN, Huh?!!!
Sincerely, muppy

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