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Webkinz Rare=Mon, Sep 17th=1PM KT Bed of the Pharaoh $12500=3PM KT Manic Monitor $3425

""Hi Merthyn, its Arte. Do you have some time this morning to meet me at the store?"
"Sure can. When do you need me?"
"Can you drive your golf cart and meet me in 15 minutes there?"
"See you then."

"Ok Arte. What are we buying today?"
"We are looking for a new bed. I want to try out these beds and want your opinion on them."
"Sounds good. Where do we start?"
"Right here with the Cream Vanilla Bed."
"Arte this bed is too hard, try it."

"You're right Merthyn it is. It is also kind of boring in that thre is no color to it."
"How 'bout this kid's bed?"
"Arte this bed is too soft and has too many colors on it."
"It is a little busy in the color dept isn't it? Hmm I have another bed for you to try out, but it isn' not here at this store. Let's head back to my place. Care to give me a ride?"
"Let's go then. So why exactly are we buying a new bed?"
"My back is killing me from my current bed"

"Come to the back of my shop will you and let me show you something."
"WOAH! This bed is just right and it is beautiful! What is this bed called?"
"Merthyn, this is the Bed of the Pharaoh and this what I am offering tomorrow. Do you think they will like it?"
"I do believe they will Arte. Why offer the bed all of a sudden?"
"I just fiugred that if I have a bad back from my current bed, then others are probably having one too. Now these beds are a litlle pricey, but you will get the best night's sleep you have ever had. I didn't order too many so it will be first come first served. Here is my list and hope you get one Merthyn."
"I will be camping out Arte. Let me share the list and you will see me camping outside."

Monday, September 17th:
Country Bed ($385) [orig: $350] at 12midnight!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($540) [orig: $450] at 3am!
Wooden Chair ($80) [orig: $95] at 3am!
Lime Desk Chair ($135) [orig: $150] at 4am!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($427) [orig: $450] at 5am!
Orange Table ($84) [orig: $140] at 5am!
Rice Paper Divider ($468) [orig: $390] at 7am!
Medieval Flooring ($900) at 8am!
Funky Neon Fro ($362) at 8am!
Hockey Bed ($585) [orig: $650] at 8am!
Rockin Pompadour ($816) at 9am!
Hockey Couch ($825) [orig: $750] at 10am!
RARE: Bed of the Pharaoh ($12500) at 1pm!
RARE: Manic Monitor ($3425) at 3pm!

Hockey Desk Chair ($95) [orig: $100] at 4pm!
Medieval Side Table ($783) [orig: $825] at 6pm!
Wagon Wheel Sofa ($262) [orig: $250] at 7pm!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($405) [orig: $450] at 8pm!
Gladiator Helmet ($1020) [orig: $1200] at 10pm!
Medieval Window ($720) [orig: $600] at 11pm!
Hockey Locker ($157) [orig: $150] at 11pm!
Medieval Flooring ($765) [orig: $900] at 11pm!
Silver Sofa ($440) [orig: $400] at 11pm!

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