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Webkinz Rare = Sat, Sept 15th = 1pm KT=Exquisite Egyptian Obelisk $4500

"Arte, I was wondering if you could think of something that has to do with 25,000?"
"Why 25,000?"
"Well Justin's website Webkinzinsider hit 25,000 members yesterday."
"Wow! That's alot of members Merthyn."
"Yeah I know. The site was launched on March 23, 2007 and not 6 months later, it has that many members."
"That's impressive Merthyn and you can tell him that too. I am grateful that he made it though. My business has picked up 3 fold since I have been giving you the list. I get about 25,000 customers during that hour that I offer the rare and that makes me happy."
"Arte did you hear yourself? You said 25,000 customers during the rare. I can add that to my list."




drupal_mosgoogle center


"Well I guess I did Merthyn. Speaking of lists, here's mine. I would hate for those 25,000 customers not to see it."
"Thanks Arte. And here's my list of interesting facts about 25,000. Hope you enjoy them:

    * Bell 430 Helicopter has approximately 25,000 moving parts in flight
    * If every gifted member had 14 webkinz, that would equal 25,000
    * Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey has 25,000 feet of water piping
    * A snail can have about 25,000 teeth (on its tongue)
    * The Boeing 757 fleet has flown the equivalent of nearly 25,000 round trips between Earth and the Moon
    * Average human produces 25,000 quarts of spit in a lifetime
    * The whistling swan may have more than 25,000 feathers
    * There are more than 25,000 chairs in the Atlanta airport
    * 25,000- the number of Roadkill Bingo Games sold by the Colorado company that invented the game
    * Some frogs can lay 25,000 eggs while others only 4
    * The Pacific contains about 25,000 islands, almost all of which are found south of the equator
    * There are over 25,000 types of fish
    * The ear has over 25,000 tiny hair cells to help you hear the nuances of sound
    * AND cpoggie was the 25,000th member of WI

Saturday, September 15th:
Hockey Flooring ($94) [orig: $90] at 12midnight!
Funky Chair ($178) [orig: $210] at 2am!
Hockey Side Table ($176) [orig: $160] at 2am!
Hockey Locker ($157) [orig: $150] at 4am!
Hockey Study Desk ($261) [orig: $275] at 6am!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($382) [orig: $450] at 8am!
Wooden Chair ($90) [orig: $95] at 9am!
Wagon Wheel Sofa ($250) at 11am!
RARE: Exquisite Egyptian Obelisk ($4500) at 1pm!
Apple Chair ($119) [orig: $140] at 2pm!
Hockey Coffee Table ($270) [orig: $300] at 2pm!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($504) [orig: $480] at 3pm!
Apple Chair ($140) at 4pm!
Funky Chair ($252) [orig: $210] at 5pm!
Hockey Wallpaper ($70) [orig: $100] at 6pm!
Cat Street Post ($92) [orig: $80] at 7pm!
Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($265) [orig: $295] at 8pm!

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