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Webkinz Rare = Monday, July 23rd = Bejeweled Coffee Table $3200

"Muggle??! Muggle?!?" Arte roars!!
Uh oh.
I’ve slipped in to the Curio Shop just in time to catch Arte yelling at a customer–to be exact, a pink poodle wearing a wizard hat and eyeglasses.
"How many times have I got to tell you?" Arte roared. "I’m a dog. D-O-G. Most people call me Arte. You can call me Mr. Fact. But if you call me a muggle once more..."
Luckily, the wizard-poodle has the good sense to back out of the curio shop.
The last "Muggle-er" tried to cast a patronus charm really didn’t help Arte’s temper any.




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"Now, Arte," I say as soothingly as possible, "It’s not worth getting so upset."
"I’m not upset!" Arte’s face, though, is the shade of a lava lump.
I haven’t seen him this mad since the time, in Webkinz Supermodelz, someone tried to pair his bomber jacket with yoga pants and bunny ears.
I open a nearby hockey fridge and pull out some farm-fresh cabbage. "Here, Arte, eat some of this. It’ll make you feel better."
He munches on a leaf, but doesn’t seem a lot happier. Maybe I should give him watermelon instead?
"First, it was the brooms," he rants, "now this candy...."
"Bertie Botts?"
"Yeah. Apparently some stores in some place called Diagon Alley sells them, but I can’t find any. They’re rarer than goo-goo-berries! And where is Diagon Alley, anyway?"
I frowned. "Well, it’s kind of see..."
"And then," Arte cuts me off, "this lil unicorn tried to buy a king’s throne with Galleons, Sickles, and many times have I told them: Kinzcash Only!"
"I know, Arte. Try some watermelon."
"No thanks, I couldn’t eat another bite for at least five minutes." (One thing I’ll say about Arte; he’s very polite, even when he’s mad.) "And then," he adds, "there was the owl."
"What owl?"
"Someone sent an owl to pick up a Ra’s Golden Dresser. I took one look at it and said, ‘There are no owls in Webkinz World!’"
"There are no lemons, either," I add.
Arte stares at me for a long time, then says, "Merthyn, can you watch the store for me again? One of us needs to see Dr. Quack and I think it’s gonna be me."
"Sure, Arte."
Here’s the list.
Oh, and Dr. Quack asks that no one call Arte a muggle for at least a week.

Monday, July 23rd:

    * Hockey Flooring ($90) at 12midnight!
    * Lime Desk Chair ($180) [orig: $150] at 12midnight!
    * Hockey Chair ($114) [orig: $120] at 4am!
    * Hockey Coffee Table ($270) [orig: $300] at 4am!
    * Classing Gaming Room Wallpaper ($302) [orig: $275] at 5am!
    * Funky Chair ($147) [orig: $210] at 6am!
    * Medieval Flooring ($720) [orig: $900] at 7am!
    * Kids Cupboard Sink ($190) [orig: $200] at 8am!
    * Wooden Chair ($104) [orig: $95] at 12noon!
    * Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($472) [orig: $450] at 12noon!
    * RARE: Bejeweled Coffee Table ($3200) at 1pm!
    * Rice Paper Divider ($390) at 1pm!
    * Chefs Shirt ($104) [orig: $95] at 2pm!
    * Kids Cupboard Sink ($170) [orig: $200] at 2pm!
    * Country Cabinet ($517) [orig: $450] at 2pm!
    * Hockey Couch ($825) [orig: $750] at 4pm!
    * Wooden Stool ($65) at 5pm!
    * Funky Table ($200) [orig: $250] at 6pm!
    * Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($427) [orig: $450] at 7pm!
    * Orange Table ($154) [orig: $140] at 7pm!
    * Funky Neon Fro ($416) [orig: $362] at 9pm!
    * Funky Neon Fro ($325) [orig: $362] at 10pm!

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