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Webkinz News: Storage Solutions for Dock Woes

With the recent request from Ganz for all of us to only hold about 100 items in our dock, we're all scrambling around right now to store items.

I've made a list of least inexpensive options for food and clothing/toys.

Please CAN put clothes in toy boxes. Since generally toy boxes seem to be less expensive, that might be a better option for you.



drupal_mosgoogle center


One of the biggest issues this is going to raise for my daughter is that she already has some storage boxes in certain rooms but ends up forgetting about these things since she can't see them. As we speak, I have purchased a room that will be called her "closet". In there will be storage boxes where most if not all of her clothes will be stored from now on.

Ive also bought her another room called "The Ice Box". In there will be refrigerators for her to store most of her food in...especially the farm fresh that she grows and saves to sell all at once.

And as others have suggested, we've always had a store room to keep items we trade. Recently though, I did use extra rooms (pet rooms that come with the adoption that we don't use right away) to house some of our trading items that go together. My daughter knows these items might go bye-bye at any time but I've arranged them logically in a room until such time we trade them. For instance...all of my Hockey theme room items are in one room...all set up as someone would use it. But we're not fond of the theme so we just keep it there for storage.

Storage Items (for toys and clothes)
Name Cost # items held $ per item
Rattan Toy Box 100kc 8 12.50kc
Sky Blue Book Box 95kc 6 15.83kc
Ballerina Toy Box 150kc 8 18.75kc
Football Toy Box 185kc 8 23.13kc
Baseball Toy Box 100kc 4 25.00kc
Space Toy Box 200kc 8 25.00kc
Ice Cold Toy Box 225kc 8 28.13kc


Refrigerators (for food items)
Name Cost # items held $ per item
Kids Refrigerator 450kc 6 75.00kc
Cool Breeze Fridge 475kc 6 79.16kc
Refrigerator 500kc 6 83.33kc
Checkered Flag Fridge 375kc 4 93.75kc


The Backyard Cooler is actually one of the cheapest storage units per item for food however it can only be used outside.

Backyard Cooler

  • Cost:275kc
  • Items: 6
  • Per Item: 45.83kc per item

I actually broke down all of the storage units and will post an Excel Spreadsheet later but hopefully that will help for now.

Please visit my thread in the forum for more info or to say hi!

Good luck!!

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