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Webkinz Checkers Tutorial - $2700 Kinz Cash Per Hour - With Videos

In my Economy of Games discussion, I pointed out how most games gave out around 10 - 15 kc per minute, with some giving out slightly more, and some slightly less.

UNI pointed out that you can win a lot on checkers - suggesting an average of 60 in 90 seconds (45 per minute).

So, I gave it a go, and found that I could often win the game on the hard level between 1 and 2 minutes, with an average game coming in around 90 seconds.

During my tests, I did find that there were some games that I made a wrong move, or the computer did not do what I wanted, and the games took several minutes to win (greatly reducing the average per minute). Still, as I got so I could recognize my strategy better, I found that more often than not, I could win at the pace mentioned above - making this a very profitable game. And on the games when it was obvious that the strategy was not working, I found that if I intentionally died, I could still finish the game in under a minute and get 15 kc (which is still better than most of the games in the arcade).



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Before I get into this, I also want to post a warning. I mentioned this in my Cash per Minute thread, but it belongs here as well. As I played this game, I found that I was earning around $2700 Kinz Cash per hour - which is a bunch - but I started to experience a "Tetris Effect", where I would still be playing the game in my head even when I was away from the computer. Typically, once I recognize this, I actually stop playing and limit long durations at a single task. I have found in the past that this can lead to poor sleep and concentration on other tasks.

For this reason, even though this is a good game to earn a lot of cash, you probably should not play it too much in one sitting, because of the adverse effects.

OK, here is my strategy. Essentially, I only move 5 pieces to get started, and then a 6th for protection -- at least until the game starts to wind down. This tutorial shows how I go from start to getting a King - and then the finish. Once I get the King, it is just a matter of time before I can conquer, usually from the above the opponent's pieces.

As the game begins, I have marked the 5 pieces that typically make up my first 10 moves.

These pieces will be moved up and to the left, with a goal of trying to get the bottom left red to come out of his position. In the rest of this tutorial, I will call that the target piece.

I actually rarely pay attention to where the computer moves in the first couple of moves, unless he moves the target piece - at which point, I still try to position my checkers so that I can get past the target piece.

The next couple of moves proceed in step:

If I didn't move the 5, I risk getting double jumped when I move the 3 into the bait position (next).

At this point, you can see how I am trying to lure the target checker out of its spot. In most games, the computer will jump. If he doesn't jump, I either move the one labeled 6 in future pictures, or move the one that is up and to the right from the 5 - I move it up and to the right to bait the bottom right red checker (in the same manner as I am doing on the left).

At this point, he took the bait. Now, I can jump the Target checker.

9 Times out of 10, the computer will not move into the vacated position of the target, allowing for the next move.

This allows me to get a coveted position - that is one jump away from a King.

Now, I have what I call the "River", where the 1, 3 and 6 are going to protect the 5 as it moves forward. If the game doesn't open up, the one that is below the 5 and 6 will be the next one to move up the river.

The 5 moves up the River.

At this point, I can start to see a double jump opportunity up and to the right. The computer could fill this void, which would cause me to keep moving up the river.

In this case, the computer left the jump open (but took away the double jump). Still, this gives me a direct path to getting a King.

Once I get a King, it is all academic. Now, I can move from behind the pieces and jump them as they leave vulnerabilities. See the videos for some examples.

Ultimately, this game took around 90 seconds to win - 45 kc per minute.

Now, for some videos. The videos have some comments on how the strategy unfolded.

- 51 seconds

- 75 seconds

- 91 seconds

- 94 seconds

- 106 seconds.

If you like the videos, please give them 5 stars. Also, please visit my site for more gaming info!!


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