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WEBKINZ GOSSIP: Arte Considering Career as Rapper

Our gossip hounds have sniffed out tantalizing evidence that Arte Fact, owner of Arte's Curio Shop, is considering selling his iconic business to pursue a career as a rapper. It seems a person with the screen name "A_Fact" has been frequenting real estate message boards, looking for advice about selling "an unusual business!"

Adding to the intrigue is a demo CD that recently surfaced. The CD matches exotic instrumentation with the vocal stylings of none other than Arte Fact, rapping about his archaeological exploits! On a song called The Arte Effect, he sings:

"When exploring ancient ruins, yo I never get lost,
'Cuz you know I used to roll with Lara Croft.
I'm a tomb raider, an antiquities trader.
You better buy it now, 'cuz I might not have it later."



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While admitting to making the CD, Arte was quick to downplay its significance. "It was done on a whim," he said. "I got my hands on one of them rare medieval karaoke machines, 'Ye Royal Minstrel in a Box.' It still worked, too, 'cept the song lyrics were missing. So I made up my own and did a recording for posterity."

What about the unusual internet activity? "It's a favor for my brother, Chet," Arte sighed. "He's got a curio shop too, up north in Alaska. Specializes in ancient Egyptian swimming suits. He's lookin' to get out, 'cuz business ain't so hot. Go figure. 'Course, Chet's been on the slow side ever since he ceremonially de-brained himself to become an honorary Zingoz... But no -- there's no way I'm selling my curio shop!"

Despite these claims, it's significant that Arte has not explicitly ruled out any musical aspirations. "The store will always be my top priority," he said. "But a man can do other things too, if he feels like it."

So, will we one day see Arte up on stage? "Well," he demurred, "we'll all just have to wait and see, won't we?"

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