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BREAKING NEWS: New Recipe Books & New Job in Webkinz World -- WI Uncovers an Error!!

Checking the news this morning, we noticed the announcement of a returning "easy" Webkinz Job at the Employment office. It's called the Newz Delivery job, and, according to the news announcement was brought back into Webkinz World due to its popularity! The job is very similar to the old arcade game "Paperboy", but does take a little getting used to, as some of our staff has had trouble with the job in their first tries!

Next, some members in the forum pointed out two new Webkinz recipe books for sale in the W-Shop: The Way of the Blender and One With the Sandwich. Some members of the staff purchased these books from the W Shop, excited to try the new recipes, hoping that they would be some of the "new" recipes that Webkinz.Com had announced over the summer!



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Unfortunately, this was not the case. All of the recipes contained in both of these books have been in our Webkinz Recipe guide here on WebkinzInsider, in catalog format and in our forum & in our downloadable PDF recipe guide.



Starting with the sandwich cookbook:




This cookbook contains recipes for: Bean Burrito, Birthday Party Sandwich, Choco Chip Waffles, Deep Sea Barnacle Bagel, Fancy Schmancy Waffles, Black Forest Sandwich, Fruit Berry Crepes, Kablookie Sandwich, and Piggies In A Blanket.







Now, to the second recipe book: The Way of the Blender.






This cookbook contains the recipes for Webkinz Cookie Tornado, Plymouth Veggie Parfait, Beach Sunrise Frappe, Blueberry Parfait, Mega Berry Slush, Yogurt Twist Smoothie, Root Beer Float, Cream Soda Float, Trippple Hot Chocolate, & Wild Kiwi Sunset.






This is where we found a problem. Our recipe guide lists the Webkinz Cookie Tornado as a Stovetop Recipe. In fact, COWS4U discovered the Webkinz recipe and posted proof on June 21st, 2007, and it has been made by thousands of members since then.


I logged in to Webkinz World to verify that it worked in the blender as well, thinking that they had either changed it from the stovetop to the blender, or that it worked in both appliances, but found that the Webkinz Cookie Tornado recipe listed in the recipe book does not work in the blender!! Using the combination listed in our Recipe Guide, which is the same as the Blender cookbook from Webkinz, earns you BROWN GAK in the blender, but still works, just as before on the stove!!!



We hope this error is corrected quickly, so that fellow Webkinz-lovers don't waste their money making Gak all day long, thinking they're doing something wrong!!!

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