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[ INFO ] Pumpkin Patch Game

This is a game that really does not require a tutorial - one that just involves quick shooting and providing enough lead in your shot to hit the birds as they are on their way down.

The only real tip is that I stay in the middle, and pay closest attention on the edges to get the fast moving birds that attack the side pumpkins. Also, if you see one moving faster than others, that one ought to be your priority.



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About the game.

It is a throwback to the old game Polaris (one of the first games I remember from our upgraded TRS-80 (when we upgraded from 4 K RAM to 16 K RAM, if I remember correctly). There have been other versions, for sure.

I wanted to post this to explain how the scoring works - and show that currently, 8 of the top 10 scores are theoretically unreachable - the results of glitches, mistakes or cheats. This is all part of my quest to get Webkinz to clean up the high score boards.

First, let me state that a perfectly played game will return only 12195 points.
Here is how I arrived at that.

In each level, you are awarded points based on the following 3 things: The number of birds you hit (20 points per bird), the amount of water you have left at the end of the round (5 points per water), and the number of pumpkins left (a progressive total, starting at 5 points per pumpkin at level 1, increasing by 5 points per pumpkin until you can get 50 points per pumpkin left on level 10).

The variables in the levels are the amount of birds you have to shoot and the amount of water you have to shoot them. There is no bonus for getting the birds shot quicker.

So, on level 1, you have to hit 10 birds, and have 15 water shots to hit the birds. Each bird returns 20 points, so you will get 200 points for the birds. Assuming you use the least amount of water, you will have 5 water shots left, which will get you 25 points (5 per). Also assuming you do not lose any pumpkins, you will get 60 points for your 12 pumpkins (5 per).

Below, is a table that shows each of the levels:

Level Birds Water Pumpkin Points Bird Points Max Water Left Max Pumpkin Points Max Water Points Max Level Points Max Total Score
1 10 15 5 200 5 60 25 285 285
2 15 22 10 300 7 120 35 455 740
3 20 30 15 400 10 180 50 630 1370
4 25 37 20 500 12 240 60 800 2170
5 30 45 25 600 15 300 75 975 3145
6 40 60 30 800 20 360 100 1260 4405
7 50 70 35 1000 20 420 100 1520 5925
8 60 85 40 1200 25 480 125 1805 7730
9 70 100 45 1400 30 540 150 2090 9820
10 80 115 50 1600 35 600 175 2375 12195

So, you can see that at the end of level 12, the maximum score you can have is 12195.

The only scoring oddity here is that if you have a raven take one of your pumpkins, not only do you lose the pumpkin bonus, but you also lose the raven hit points (20 points per raven). So, on level 1, if you have 4 ravens take pumpkins, you will lost 40 points for the ravens and 20 points for the pumpkins.
Otherwise, it is straightforward - hit the most number of birds with the fewest number of water shots, losing no pumpkins along the way, and you can earn a score of 12195.

Good luck with this game and hopefully someone (perhaps me) will someday achieve a perfect score. And perhaps someone at Webkins will recognized that the scores on their high score lists need to be removed

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