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Breaking News: Webkinz Virtual Charm Locations SOLVED by WI members!

For the past couple of weeks, one of our very own members, Dogsdigholes, has been hard at work collecting data on locations of virtual charms in the Webkinz Charm Forest to see if there was a pattern to their locations, similar to the gem locations in the Gem Hunt. Today it looks like her hard work may have paid off!

Another one of WI's members, Bert_X, was able to take the data collected and, by creating a spreadsheet of the information, discover that there is indeed a pattern to where they are located.

The trick isn't where to look, but more accurately, where NOT to look. There are four paths in the charm forest, and each row of charms can be found in three of the paths, but NOT on the fourth path.

Here's a guide that explains it all.



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Where to find Virtual Charms in the Charm Forest
(Guide written by FIA, based on data collected by
Dogsdigholes and Bert_X)

There are four paths in the Charm Forest:

* The Creepy Eyeball Path
* The Rainbow Forest Path
* The Fairy Fountain Path
* The Glittering Pink Path

There are eight rows of virtual charms:

* First Row: moon, sun, star, comet, planet
* Second Row: shell, seahorse, octopus, crab, jellyfish
* Third Row: strawberry, lemon, grapes, watermelon, cherries
* Fourth Row: treble clef, horn, double note, single note, drum
* Fifth Row: crossed paddles, sailboat, lighthouse, anchor, buoy
* Sixth Row: cupcake, sundae, frozen treat, gingerbread, ice cream
* Seventh Row: wizard hat, genie lamp, crystal ball, top hat, wand
* Eighth Row: weather vane, tornado, lightening cloud, snowflake, umbrella

Each row of charms can be found in three of the four paths. The trick is to know which path to NOT look on.

* First Row: NOT on the Fairy Fountain Path
* Second Row: NOT on the Rainbow Forest Path
* Third Row: NOT on the Rainbow Forest Path
* Fourth Row: NOT on the Creepy Eyeballs Path
* Fifth Row: NOT on the Glittering Pink Path
* Sixth Row: NOT on the Fairy Fountain Path
* Seventh Row: NOT on the Glittering Pink Path
* Eight Row: NOT on the Creepy Eyeball Path

For each row of charms you collect, you will recieve a prize:

* First Row: $50 KC
* Second Row: $100 KC
* Third Row: $250 KC
* Fourth Row: $300 KC
* Fifth Row: Charm Forest Flooring
* Sixth Row: Charm Forest Wallpaper
* Seventh Row: Fairy Flower Topiary
* Eighth Row: Charm Forest Dining Set

When you find all 40 virtual charms, you will recieve the Charm Forest Tiara.

The project of collecting data will continue, to verify that this guide is 100% correct. You can find that thread by following this link:

For more information about the Webkinz Charms and the Charm Forest, please visit my Charm Forest Guide located here, and stay tuned for a reformatted version under our "Articles" tab:

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