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Webkinz Rare=Sat Aug 25 5pmKT=HUMVEE TOY SUV $5500-Royal Banquet Chair $5500-Regal Flame Lamp $925

I drive over to Arte's shop in my free Humvee this afternoon and Arte greets me right at the door.

"So ma boy, Merthyn, how d'ya like that Humvee I gave you?" he asks?
"I love it Arte. The air conditioner is great. I have room for luggage or groceries in the back, lots of room" I tell him.

"Great! Do you have any idea how much money I made on the day I sold those?" Arte asks me?
"Ummm.... $100,000 Kinz Cash?" I guess.
"$100---What??? Merthyn!! Be realistic here! I nearly SOLD OUT of the HUMVEES! Remember how many you saw? When the sale time changed in the Kinz Time clock, I only had 3 left! And, with that kind of success, well, follow me..." he says with a huge grin on his face.

I follow him quickly and try to ask him where he's leading me, but I know he won't tell, Arte loves surprises.

He takes me past the Scientific Room... And stops... in front of the Medieval Room....
I start to get excited...
"If Arte's making a big deal out of this, it must be something really special" I think to myself.
"This is our first stop" Arte says, opening the door.



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I peer inside at hundreds of Regal Flame Lamps and think about the time that I almost burned the Curio Shop down.
Arte sees the look on my face and begins to chuckle "Yes, I remember, and no, you can't touch them!"

He closes the door and heads right toward the Egyptian store room.
"This... is our second stop...." he says, almost hinting at a third stop.
I almost lose track of where we are, thinking about a triple rare day.
I look inside and see Royal Banquet Chairs stacked on top of each other to the ceiling.
"If I could just get 4-6 of those for free like the Humvee...." I think to myself, but Arte's already shut the door and is off to the back of the shop and out the back door.

I hear him shouting from outside...
"And THIS, Merthyn, my friend, is our final stop!!!!"

I make it out the door and almost have a relapse from a few days ago when I fainted!!
"Are you SERIOUS Arte? More HUMMERS!?"
"I finally found a dealership that could fill my requests. That was the problem all along. With the amount I sold the other day, they filled my second order immediately for paying the invoice so quickly!!" he shouts!

He hands me the list and tells me to look at it to see the last "surprise".
"Really Arte?? All at once??" I ask, in disbelief.
"You got it... I wanted to set a record for the Curio Shop, offer 3 rares at once, with the most sought after vehicle of all and see how much I can make in an hour.. That way, if I ever get another job and the application asks "pay per hour from previous job" I can put that down!!" he laughs hysterically!

Well, here's the list. For those that missed the HUMVEE, it's baaaaack!!! And 3 rares all at once?? WOW!!!

Saturday, August 25th:
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($517) [orig: $450] at 12midnight!
Wooden Coffee Table ($71) [orig: $75] at 12midnight!
Rockin Pompadour ($979) [orig: $816] at 12midnight!
Scoreboard Television ($722) [orig: $850] at 12midnight!
Country Bed ($210) [orig: $350] at 1am!
Hockey Study Desk ($247) [orig: $275] at 2am!
Hockey Bed ($682) [orig: $650] at 4am!
Medieval Side Table ($907) [orig: $825] at 6am!
Chefs Shirt ($114) [orig: $95] at 6am!
Funky Neon Fro ($398) [orig: $362] at 7am!
Hockey Chair ($114) [orig: $120] at 7am!
Hockey Desk Chair ($105) [orig: $100] at 8am!
Classic Gaming Room Wallpaper ($261) [orig: $275] at 10am!
Chefs Shirt ($85) [orig: $95] at 11am!
Loader Lounger ($1045) [orig: $950] at 2pm!
Medieval Side Table ($866) [orig: $825] at 3pm!
Queen Maries Periwig ($674) [orig: $793] at 4pm!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480) at 4pm!
Captains Quarters Flooring ($390) at 4pm!
RARE: Royal Banquet Chair ($5500) at 5pm!
RARE: Humvee Toy SUV ($5500) at 5pm!
RARE: Regal Flame Lamp ($925) at 5pm!

Country Cabinet ($495) [orig: $450] at 6pm!
Orange Table ($119) [orig: $140] at 7pm!
Hockey Locker ($165) [orig: $150] at 11pm!
Goalie Mask Shelf ($78) [orig: $75] at 11pm!
Toy Purse ($36) [orig: $45] at 11pm!

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