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NEWS FLASH: New Job & Retired Clothes in Webkinz World!

Check the new announcements in Webkinz World today.

The Webkinz website has officially announced the newest $10,000 Kinz Cash Detective contest, which we are keeping track of in our forum. Secondly, they've announced a new Baby-Sitter job. Finally, they've announced the retirement of a few clothing items from the W Shop. Better check your inventory and see if you have 'em, cause they're worth something now that they're retired! Here are a few pics of some of the retired clothing, specifically the Purple Ball Cap and the Orange Army Shirt. More pictures are in the rest of the article.






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suit.pngbeltpants.png In addition to the Cap and Army Shirt, the following clothing items are retired: Plumpy's Glasses, the Brown Belt, Red Sports Pants and Original Swimsuit top and bottom.

New Baby-Sitter Job


job.pngThe newest job in Webkinz World is called Baby-Sitter and you are required to have completed 50 Kid's World questions at Quizzy's, as you can see to the left. Hopefully this isn't like the "Package Sorter" job that seems "Oh, so easy" in the beginning and almost instantly gets extremely difficult (I guess that's why Webkinz calls it a 'hard' job!?).

Judging from the rules below, it looks like some fun, you just have to remember what each "mouth position" means and then give each Webkinz what it desires!


Official Webkinz Contest Announcement

Finally, we see what you all already knew, the $10,000 Kinz Cash contest is officially in the "news" section. Good luck to all of you out there on the Webkinz Contest!!!

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