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Webkinz Insider History Article

In commemoration of 20,000 members, I have written a little article.



As you all know, Webkinz Insider has hit 20,000 members over the past few days, and Justin has asked me to make a little article about the history of WI.

Let me start you off with a basic summary of WI. This site made its “big” debut March 23'rd, 2007, but did not become popular until around May 2007. The site made its big 100 member milestone on April 6'th, 2007, and 500'th member on April 17’th, which is remarkable the progress made in 12 days. At , July 25'th, Webkinz Insider made it's transition to be a "Big Board", which means the website has more than 500,000 posts. Justin, our site owner was the first member, with Kevin, a previous administrator being the second. Now let me take you on a little WI milestone tour;




drupal_mosgoogle center


#1) Possibly the very first thread (surely the oldest one remaining)

#2) Mommamea13 becomes the First Moderator

#3) Missy and Cows4u become Administrators

#4) Success!!!! Lil’ kinz Panda Contest thread!

#5) We hit 1000 Members

#6) We hit 2000 Members and a New Contest

#7) We hit 3000 Members, I announced this!

#8) We hit 20,000 members!

Now here is a list of the first 15 members! (Thanks to FIA, she discovered a URL pattern)

#1) Justin
#2) Kevin
#3) abbyh
#4) kstien
#5) Superorb
#6) Hazmad
#7) mykidsmom
#8) Can’t Say- User Banned
#9) Cami
#10) Jay
#11) Sautenrieth
#12) Sharon
#13) Treasure Hunts (yes, “Treasure Hunts)
#14) BWT
#15) Kinzey

If you would like me to find out your number, P.M me!

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