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"Nanners, you keep an eye on things while I'm out, okay?" I grab my hat and head to the front door." I'm going over to Arte's Shop and I should be there most of the day. I pull the door open to step outside.

I am surprised to see Justin standing on the front porch holding a large canvas bag. "Hey Justin, what's wrong?"

"This," he picks it up and thrusts it into my chest, "it is your project for the day." I stumble backward under the weight of the bag and drop it just inside the door.

"My project? What is this all about?" I untie the string and peer into the bag. It is filled with stacks and stacks of letters.



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Justin laughs. "Well, this appears to be your fan mail. Due to the fact that you have an unlisted address, all of the members over at Webkinz Insider have been forwarding their questions and comments for you over to me and the rest of the staff. We have built up quite a collection."

"I can see that. What exactly do you want me to do with it?" I ask.

"Like I said, this is your project for the day. I want you to review all of these letters and reply to the people who asked them."

"You want me to do what?" I stare in disbelief at him. "This is going to take me all day long, at least! Arte will never let me take that much time off of work!"

Justin smiles. "Well, you're half right. I bet it will take you all day, but Arte is going to let you off of work. In fact, he already has. I just came from his shop this morning. He has agreed to give you the day off because I promised to come back and fill in for you as long as you are gone. Oh, he also gave me this to give to you". Justin passes me a sealed envelope. "Have fun!"

Justin turns and walks away, down the street toward the Curio Shop. I open up the sealed envelope and find a note from Arte:
Hey Merthyn, Justin told me about your project. Get it done today and be back here bright and early tomorrow.
PS: Here's the list.

Now, rather than attempt to answer all of your questions individually, I picked the top five to answer here. Most of you asked the same questions anyway, so this should take care of it.

How do you know what items will be in the Curio Shop each day? This is a special arrangement I have with Arte. I work for him in the shop, helping him to get ready for the sales each day. In exchange he lets me have the inventory list to share with you all. You don't need to worry about trying to get the list yourself. I post it each morning for everyone to see.

Why can't I send you messages via PM?
This huge sack of mail is the reason why. As soon as I started posting the list for the day, I received so many messages from you all that I couldn't even open my mailbox. I asked Justin to shut my mail off for me. I'm usually too busy with Arte to mess with my mail anyway. This system works out much better.

What does your house look like?
You can see some pictures of my house here: As I'm sure you can tell, I am a big fan of Pirates and of Monkeys. And, just because I think it's funny, here is a picture of some "decorating" I did over at my brother's house:

Do you own all of the rare items? Does Arte give you a special deal?
The answer to both questions is "no". I own a some of the rare items, but they are very expensive and many of them don't match my house, so I don't buy them all. Arte charges me the same price as everyone else and, since the only payment I get from working for Arte is the daily list, I don't have much money. You didn't think I painted fences or was a flooring assistant, over at Tabbys for fun now did you?

How do you make up some awesome stories?
What is there to make up? All I do is tell about my day or adventures with my friends. I don't have to make up anything.

And lastly, a very big "Your Welcome" to everyone who thanked me for providing you with the list. Speaking of which, here it is.

Friday, August 17th:

* Hockey Chair ($120) at 2am!
* Medieval Wallpaper ($753) [orig: $685] at 3am!
* Chefs Shirt ($85) [orig: $95] at 5am!
* Toy Purse ($40) [orig: $45] at 5am!
* Wooden Coffee Table ($86) [orig: $75] at 5am!
* Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($495) [orig: $450] at 5am!
* Below Decks Wallpaper ($170) [orig: $200] at 11am!
* Rockin Pompadour ($856) [orig: $816] at 11am!
* Thinking Chair ($1457) [orig: $1325] at 2pm!
* Hockey Study Desk ($275) at 3pm!
* RARE: Dream-o-Meter Bed ($4800) at 4pm!
* Pineapple Lamp ($38) [orig: $45] at 4pm!
* Thinking Chair ($1523) [orig: $1325] at 8pm!
* Wagon Wheel Sofa ($250) at 8pm!
* Hockey Side Table ($168) [orig: $160] at 8pm!
* Apple Chair ($147) [orig: $140] at 9pm!
* Thinking Chair ($1457) [orig: $1325] at 9pm!
* Hockey Couch ($750) at 11pm!

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