Winner: blessedx5
Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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Webkinz Rare = Sat, August 18 = 5pm KT > Majestic Throne $10095

I am sorry everyone it has taken me this long to get the list to you. I am home sick. I think I ate some bad food or something. I haven't had a chance to stop by Arte's to get the list for you 'til now.
I have been in my bed sick, hoping that this will pass quickly.
Please accept my apologizies for being late giving you this information. I am staying in bed today, hoping that I recover fast from this. Sorry, I didn't figure out the exact totals for you. I will next time.



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Saturday, August 18th:

* Funky Table ($250 + 5%) at midnight
* Apple Chair ($140) at midnight
* Funky Chair ($210+10%) at 1am
* Orange Table ($140+15%) at 2am
* Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390 +5%) at 3am
* Wooden Coffee Table ($75-30%) at 3am
* Wooden Coffee Table ($75 +10%) at 4am
* Helmet Lamp ($110 +5%) at 5am
* Wagon Wheel Sofa ($250+10%) at 6am
* Medieval Window ($600-20%) at 6am
* Lime Desk Chair ($150 +20%) at 6am
* Wooden Chair ($95 -20%) at 7am
* Silver Sofa ($400 -15%) at 8am
* Hockey Chair ($120+10%) at 10am
* Helmet Lamp ($110 +20%) at 11am
* Hockey Side Table ($160 -5%) at 1pm
* RARE: Majestic Throne ($10095) at 5pm!
* Hockey Desk Chair ($100 -10%) at 7pm
* Helmet Lamp ($110 + 5%) at 8pm
* Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($295 +10%) at 9pm

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