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Webkinz Rare = Sun, Aug 19 = 11pm Medieval Stone Column $3000

"Well well well. Look what the wind blew in."
"Who me, Arte?"
"Yeah you. I missed you yesterday. Feeling any better?"
"Yes I am Arte! Looks like it was just a 24 hour bug that I had. I never want to be sick like that again."
"Glad to have you back, friend. I missed you. Where did you get such a great jacket?"
"Oh this old thing? Just kidding. I won this bomber jacket on the Wheel of Wow! It looks just like yours."
"It sure does, but mine has seen many flights."
"I like this jacket. Now I know why you wear it all the time."
"You need the whole outfit. Let's go to the Wshop and complete your look."
"What else do I need Arte?"
"Well, you have the Bomber's jacket, so you need the aviator hat and pilot's goggles. Then you will look like a real pilot."
"Did you know that I have always wanted to fly?"
"No Merthyn I did not know that."
"That's why I love to listen to your stories of the places that you have flown."
"I never knew that Merthyn. I knew you loved my stories, but I never knew you wanted to learn how to fly."
"Let's get going Arte. I want to complete my look."
"Before I forget, put the list in your pocket will you?"
"Sure thing."



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"Thank you Merthyn for taking me with you. Now you look like a pilot."
"I sure do, thanks to you."
"I will see what I can do about lining you up some flying lessons okay?"
"That would be great, Arte. I am going to hang this up and just stare at it. To think that I will be flying one day is amazing. I never thought it would happen. Thank you Arte."
"Anything for you Merthyn."

Sunday, August 19th:

Screwy Lamp ($685 + 20%) at 1am!
Medieval Flooring ($900) at 1am!
Loader Lounger ($950 - 30%) at 1am!
Hockey Study Desk ($275 - 20%) at 2am!
Wagon Wheel Sofa ($250 + 5%) at 3am!
Thinking Chair ($1325 + 5%) at 3am!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480 - 30%) at 5am!
Medieval Window ($600 + 5%) at 7am!
Screwy Lamp ($685 - 40%) at 7am!
Wooden Stool ($65 - 20%) at 7am!
Chef's Shirt ($95 - 10%) at 8am!
Chef's Hat ($80) at 10 am!
Loader Lounger ($950 + 10%) at 12noon!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($450 - 15%) at 2pm!
Country Bed ($350 - 5%) at 3pm!
Funky Neon Fro ($362) at 3pm!
Silver Sofa ($400 + 5%) at 4pm!
Hockey Flooring ($90 + 10%) at 6pm!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($450 - 30%) at 7pm!
Thinking Chair ($1325 + 15%) at 9pm!
Rockin Pompadour ($816 - 10%) at 9pm!
Medieval Window ($600) at 10pm!
RARE: Medieval Stone Column ($3000) at 11pm!
Hockey Dining Table ($350 - 30%) at 11pm!

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