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August 23rd - September 3rd : Another $10,000 KC Contest on Webkinz.Com! ***ENTRY @ 9AM KT***

The newest contest has been announced on Webkinz.Com in the "contest" section! it is being called a "Webkinz World-Wide Scavenger Hunt" in Webkinz World, so keep an eye on the Today's Activities page starting tomorrow! We are flattered by the remarkable similarity to the recent MINI-Winnie Contest held here on

As many of you may recall, we were fortunate enough to have a winner from the July Webkinz World contest from WI. We'd like to repeat that success, so we have also included another thread in the forum for members to collaborate on the contest, figure out what each clue means and determine the correct answer!


Please join the forum and work together with thousands of others, rather than leaving comments on this article!!

According to the contest, there will be only one winner and they will receive the $10,000 Kinz Cash prize!

NEW INFO!!! They've announced that there will be second and third place prizes for the contest! They haven't said what the surprises will be, maybe an exclusive item or a trophy? Who knows???


Just logged in before they shut down and took a screenshot of the "Contest" tab -- Entries before 9AM KT will be disqualified, so be ready right at 9AM to make your entries!!! Image attached to the end webkinz cheats

Let's all work together to get the right answer to the clues, and hopefully have another winner from Webkinz Insider!

[Read more for Schedule and Clues]

picture-37.png hunt.jpgcontest.png

From what we have gathered, the clue schedule is as follows:
  • August 23rd @ 1pm - Click here for four Kinz Cash!
    • Go fourth and figure it out!
  • August 23rd @ 3pm - Click here for three Kinz Cash!
    • Three rights don't make a wrong.
  • August 24th @ 6pm - Click here for six Kinz Cash!
    • I've said it six times, don't get left behind.
  • August 25th @ 3pm - Click here for nine Kinz Cash!
    • * Ad it up and you'll find a clue.
  • August 25th @ 4pm - Click here for a free Pineapple!
    • Don't you think pineapples make most days brighter?
  • August 26th @ 2pm - Click here for eight Kinz Cash!
    • Let me level with you
  • August 26th @ 3pm - Click here for free Sunflower Seeds!
    • A delicious treat for someone to eat!
  • August 27th @ 2pm - Click here for eight Kinz Cash!
    • Let me level with you. This shouldn't be two hard.
  • August 27th @ 4pm - Four the last time, cave in and play!
    • (This clue led to a four dart game of Quizzy's Blast.)
  • August 27th @ 6pm - Click here for a free Ice Cream Cone!
    • If it's a sunny day don't get in a flap. Share some ice cream.
  • August 28th @ 2pm - Click here for a free Cupcake!
    • In combination with other things this cupcake is even tastier!
  • August 28th @ 3pm - Hope you get all 3 right!
    • (This clue led to a three dart game of Quizzy's Blast.)
  • August 28th @ 6pm - Click here for 6 Kinz Cash
    • I've said it 6 times. Don't get left behind.
  • August 29th @ 5pm - Click here for a free Chocolate Bar!
    • Gotta keep your energy up on this crazy search!
  • August 30th @ 6pm - Click here for twenty-five Kinz Cash
    • Give your brain a tap. Do it in a snap. Hope you find a...
  • August 31st @ 3pm - Click here for a free toy digger
    • Get it right and you never know what you'll dig up.
  • August 31st @ 6pm - Click here for six Kinz Cash
    • So important that it was featured... yesterday.
  • September 1st @ 5pm - Click here for fifty-one Kinz Cash
    • Ack! You need two more letters!
  • September 2nd @ 6pm - Click here for a free black t-shirt
    • Don't get left in the dark.

attachment-1.pngclue-2.png clue3.pngclue.png picture-41.png webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheats


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