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Webkinz Rare = Aug 16th 6pm KT = Egyptian Vase $6250

"Yes Merthyn I am. A captain always wears his hat, coat and boots no matter what we are doing."
"Won't you be uncomfortable?"
"Absolutely not. This attire is very comfortable. Now lets throw those tubes in the water and start floating. Are you ready Arte?"
"Yes sir, I am."

"This isn't so bad Dogbeard. I am enjoying this, " said Arte.
"I told you I was planning a relaxing water activity this week Arte."
"Yes sir you did. This is very relaxing and fun. Did you see the Perseid Showers the other night?"
"Wouldn't have missed it for the world. How did you know about it Arte?"
"I picked him up and showed the meteors."
"WOW! You really did listen and and pay attention during our lesson Merthyn."
"Of course I did Dogbeard, you're a great teacher."
"How are you doing Arte?" Dogbeard asked.
"I am having a blast Dogbeard. Don't feel sick at all! I could do this all day."



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"Thanks Dogbeard once again for allowing me to accompany you two on this. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned that a captain always wears his uniform, no matter what."
"You are correct Merthyn. We are proud of this. Thanks for bringing Arte."
"I can't wait to see what you have planned for next week Dogbeard. The last couple of weeks have been fun."
"No worries Arte. I think we might just Hang 10 next week."
"Hang 10? What's that?" asked Arte.
"Wait and see Arte. Wait and see."

Thursday, August 16th:


Wagon Wheel Table ($212) [orig: $250] at 12midnight!
Hockey Desk Chair ($114) [orig: $100] at 1am!
Rice Paper Divider ($409) [orig: $390] at 6am!
Hockey Chair ($138) [orig: $120] at 7am!
Hockey Locker ($135) [orig: $150] at 8am!
Hockey Table ($171) [orig: $180] at 9am!
Silver Sofa ($360) [orig: $400] at 11am!
Gladiator Helmet ($1020) [orig: $1200] at 11am!
Hockey Wallpaper ($85) [orig: $100] at 1pm!
Chefs Hat ($72) [orig: $80] at 1pm!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($472) [orig: $450] at 3pm!
Loader Lounger ($1092) [orig: $950] at 4pm!
Hockey Bed ($650) at 5pm!
Lime Desk Chair ($157) [orig: $150] at 5pm!
RARE: Egyptian Vase ($6250) at 6pm!
Chefs Hat ($68) [orig: $80] at 6pm!
Funky Neon Fro ($380) [orig: $362] at 7pm!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($220) [orig: $200] at 8pm!
Apple Chair ($133) [orig: $140] at 9pm!

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