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"Dogbeard, thank you for inviting me over to your ship tonight."
"Not a problem Merthyn, I knew you wanted to try out your Interstellar Telescope. What better place than aboard my ship."
"That telescope was stuck in my room for days. I was thinking that I might of had to cancel this adventure, but luckily I got it out. I don't even know how to use the thing."
"No problem Merthyn. Captains know all about telescopes; no matter how big they are or what they look like. Are you excited to look at the stars and constellations tonight?"
"I am, Dogbeard. I knew that you would know all about them since you set sail and navigate using the stars."
"Sure do Merthyn. There's the North Star. I am going to show you my favorite constellations along with The Little Dipper, which is right off the North Star. Right there see those stars? That is The Hunting Dog. The stars are like a zig zag pattern with the bright star in the middle."
"I SEE IT!" I really do, and it looks like a hunting dog too!"



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"Over there a little bit...You will see a bright star and a smaller star right above; that is called The Little Dog."
Laughing I say,"It really is little. Did you know my horoscope is Gemini?"
"Merthyn, let me show you your sign. If you can think of the prongs on a fork you'll be able to see it. It has a lot of bright stars in it. It looks like a couple of Y's attached at that bottom."
"I am so glad I finally got to use this telescope."
"Wait though Merthyn, I saved the best constellation for last."
"What one is the best, Dogbeard?"
"Let me show you first before I tell you it's name."
"Look Northeast of The Little Dog. It has 3 bright stars and 4 little stars. A couple of triangles with a line that connects it."
"I see it. Why is it your favorite Dogbeard?"
"Merthyn, my friend, that is The Great Dog!"
We both just started laughing.
Trying to compose myself, I say, "Dogbeard, you are a great friend. I don't know of anyone that could have pointed out those constellations for me. Thanks."
"Anytime Merthyn, anytime."

Monday, August 13th:
Funky Neon Fro ($398) [orig: $362] at 12midnight!
Treasure Chest ($240) [orig: $200] at 1am!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($427) [orig: $450] at 1am!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($552) [orig: $480] at 8am!
Country Bed ($297) [orig: $350] at 8am!
Chefs Hat ($84) [orig: $80] at 9am!
Hockey Couch ($862) [orig: $750] at 9am!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($495) [orig: $450] at 10am!
Hockey Flooring ($99) [orig: $90] at 12noon!
Helmet Lamp ($104) [orig: $110] at 12noon!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($382) [orig: $450] at 1pm!
Medieval Side Table ($577) [orig: $825] at 4pm!
RARE: Medieval Chest ($2675) at 6pm!
Lime Desk Chair ($150) at 6pm!
Hockey Desk Chair ($105) [orig: $100] at 6pm!
Wooden Coffee Table ($82) [orig: $75] at 9pm!

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